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Brand Spotlight - ZOIRO Party

Tuesday 17 February 2015 / ,

Today's new age crowd, love everything cutting-edge. Be it couture, high street fashion or intimate inner wear. Believe it or not, men are equally vocal about their choices in fashion too.
Recently I met the Italian sisters duo, who design innerwear for men under the brand name- Zoiro. The designs from the brand are totally their inception and are not only trendy, but are made of materials that totally enhance wearing comfort.
There was a press con a few months back, and the designers Claudia and Paola Piatti , are not just famous internationally as great contributors but in fact are the famous hands behind a lot trendy innerwear/Outerwear/sportswear brands worldwide. To name it a few are : Paul frank, Fila, Chicco, gas, replay and many more . We have already been familiar with these designs , and bringing the same concept for this brand was an ideal choice too. If you loved those you would love the fun prints at  Zoiro definitely .

Zoiro is an Indian initiative, ticked off by its Director Mr. Navin Sheksaria, and the pieces from the collection has already hit the Indian shelves about an year ago. The core focus of the brand has primarily been fit- and with factors such as function n design all being thoroughly considered throughout the design process.
The sister duo was really excited to bring the trendy and stylish designs at prices which were really affordable and within the buying reach of every common men , who wants to  make a statement without spending a tad too much for the basics.

Quoting the designer "This area of men designer Innerwear has spurred up a latent demand off late, and this is reason enough for Zoiro to house the products , and started serving the demand through innovative, comfortable n stylish inner wear."
The products under the brand are known for their quirky style,the material is body friendly (microfiber and spandex yarns) which is not only sweat proof, but has an italian technique and superior quality feel to it .
The collection has a theme which is inspired by Party trends. Like the collection even the name Party sounds totally urban, and fits every fashion conscious men or women.
Though the designs are inspired by party season  with a melange of  prints such as animal, Fresh Fruit,Red Chilli, Cheetah, Banana and Superhero etc. which not only adds zest and oomph to the men's the fun n quirky graphics,are such an eye pleaser too (you would have to Check dem out to believe ) The trendy colors which were introduced to us at the press con, focus on the young generation, but  in my opinion are already superseding the women lingerie styles and have an equally good demand for comparisons sake. The credit goes to versatility , awesome designs and pocket friendly prices, which always determine if a brand has a long way to go or not !
Introducing Y'all to the future of prints , and a few snapshots taken at the event .

If you ask me, Zoiro has already made a niche in the Indian market, and is getting quite popular. The discerning consumer is the reason behind the booming fashion demands,and thats where these branded cum designer  inner wear are scouting to being available both offline n online.

‘Zoiro Party’ will be available across 15 different cities ,including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Jaipur, Kolkata  and at various stores like Shopper’s Stop, Central, multi brand outlet's and also have online presence in Myntra, Flipkart, and at a price range of Rs. 355 to Rs. 495. The concept collection comes in three variants trunks, briefs and vests.

About Zoiro Lifestyles:
Zoiro, is India’s first stylish Italian designer innerwear brand for men. Made from innovative fabrics and crafted in the latest patterns to suit the needs of men perfectly, ZOIRO encourages customers to go bold, and a step beyond everyday regular wear.