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Bloggers Masterclass With Patrick Cameron- Global Ambassador Wella Professionals

Wednesday 1 June 2016 /

Every women deserves the ultimate " I  woke up like this hair moment". How often it has happened to you that you get that perfect tousled hair just like that within minutes after getting out of bed sans any styling product ?
Hair styling in India has yet to reach heights and sadly not reached its full potential. You may pin the blame on the lack of education and support not given to the hairstylists necessary for the industry to thrive.
Wella professionals , one of the most popular hair care and hair styling brands have strived to bridge this gap between the consumers and stylists by creating practical yet premium products at the same time imparting the education they need in order to effectively use the product.
That is precisely why you would find Wella design studios all across the country which offers a culture of education, customer service and provides opportunities to the stylists to experience the latest developments in hair fashion. No wonder all this exercise calls for a huge investment and Wella professionals for one have really taken that step forward, which was pretty evident when Wella professionals invited a few bloggers at their design studio in Saket to meet Wella's Brand global ambassador Patrick Cameron.
Patrick was here to educate 1800 hair stylists across three cities in India through grand shows where he exposed them to great possibilities of hair styling and his association with Wella.

Runway Hairstyles - Hairstyle Trends

Speaking of his association with Wella , Patrick says - " Its' been 26 years that I have been associated with wella . The reason I am with Wella is very simple. Wella's education is incredible. Their dedication to education is what keeps me motivated, coz Wella heavily invests in hairdresser, and that's what their key to success is. Not only in India, but across Europe and USA ,and other countries, Wella has studios designed for education, which is a serious investment. Its an investment that Wella makes it into the country. Not only they try to sell their product, but they also try to make their hair-dressers better , because without making the hairdresser better , any new product launches etc would mean nothing. For me it's a symbiotic relationship with them. The hairdresser is getting the benefit at the same time they get a great product to work with, and that's what has kept me with them for almost 26 years.
As a global ambassador for Wella, Patrick has spent the last 25 years travelling the world sharing and presenting his show stopping hair styles. His most recent appearance was at the renowned Cannes Festival where he worked on a special premier from the movie Trolls starring Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick.

The whole idea of the afternoon of bloggers with Patrick was to engage us to experience his most talked about vintage modern collection using the state of art Wella styling products from the Wella professionals portfolio. Patrick's passion and creativity for his craft was pretty evident and how he was committed in providing the best quality and product understanding in a live demo and some insightful everyday tips that allows Indian women to play with the lengths of the hair without actually visiting a stylist every time. He showcased some fun easy to do updos , tips and tricks to create some noteworthy hairstyles for work ,which proved that high fashion,hair fashion and ordinary folks like us need not be mutually exclusive.
Runway Hairstyles - Hairstyle Trends
Runway Hairstyles - Hairstyle Trends
Runway Hairstyles - Hairstyle Trends

He was sweet enough to share a few pointers on hair styling that we (bloggers) could easily share with the readers (you ) through the medium of this workshop.

  • Invest In basics for any hair updo- Combs, clips, twist clips, bobbys. They are a stylist best friends.
  • Make hairsprays your second best friends. They rescue you when you don't have a stylist around.
  • Women with very fine hair, can invest in hair padding .It's easily available and super easy to use, though a little practice is needed.
  • While doing any updo criss- cross the hair pins for a better grip.
  • Try freaky highlights (under the crown hair). They are really In. Choose some funky colours like blue, green, orange etc . They are not too much of a commitment and still look trendy especially when you want to let yourself loose.
  • How to get out of a complicated hairdo- Start combing your hair from the ends and make way upwards. A lot of women do it the other way round. Big mistake

Acknowledged as a long hair expert, Wella Global Ambassador Patrick Cameron had devised the collection to showcase step-by- step looks and demonstrations to the hairdressers that struggle with styling long hair. These hair shows were held across three major cities in India - Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore where there was a live demonstration of these looks.

I also got a chance to get my hair styled by Patrick himself. Top knots are my best friend for summers. I have a very petite face as compared to the rest of my body.  I was so happy to hear Patrick second my bun while comparing it with my thin-faced attribute.Haha !! Keeping the style symphony same he created a messy Bouffant for me in a step by step tutorial.
His take on modern vintage collection was a combination of key tricks which I didn't know. His easy tips and techniques were used together in a live demo that created simple , elegant styles that only took minutes to complete.
Runway Hairstyles - Hairstyle Trends
Runway Hairstyles - Hairstyle Trends
Runway Hairstyles - Hairstyle Trends
Runway Hairstyles - Hairstyle Trends
Runway Hairstyles - Hairstyle Trends
Runway Hairstyles - Hairstyle Trends
The Best Runway Hair Braiding Styles of All Time
Runway Hairstyles - Hairstyle Trends

Wella professionals is launching a great hair care product that would put all our styling woes to end. Let that be a suspense as off now. I would reveal more about that in my next post.

About Wella

Wella Professionals products are preferred and recommended by world's most renowned hairdressers. Wella Professionals contributes to enhancing the hairstyling profession and building a strong relationship with hairdressers with cutting edge technology, new initiatives and by offering comprehensive training programs for salon owners and their employees.
Wella Professionals includes brands like Koleston Perfect, System Professional, Nioxin & many more. Superior products,inspiring education and unique salon business-building programs make Wella Professionals a world leader and expert in hair cosmetics and beauty.