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One person in my life who #NeverLetsYouDown | Inspired By Lava Mobiles

Tuesday 7 June 2016 / , ,

I was raised by the chinese proverb " Raise the Boy like a peasant and daughter like a princess " Hence my yardstick of measuring any richness in life or qualities in a person had really risen Par excellence. I would not say that I was a spoilt princess but very early in my life , had picked up the regal tastes of things. As a result, I was never attracted to any flamboyant or shallow personality, rather I was able to cut through, the unnecessary clutter of  dazzling cars, gizmos, or flaunting lifestyles and reached straight to the heart .
I think I can very proudly accept that the couple of associations I had with other sex , I was able to quickly get out , as my instinct had already altered my D.N.A to sniff  the one major attribute in a man which is reliability.
Finally while not getting carried  away by the wealth factor or the age factor,what I looked for was how much trust I can put in my partner and the emotional reliability quotient.
At my wedding many were disappointed with simple affairs and ceremonies which I would say were cut down to the basic rituals because we both were very clear that it is the quality time and emotional bonding which we need to develop post the razmataz.
Our initial investment of togetherness with time yielded better profits than the thrill of any foreign location honeymoon.
As it is said that "Marriage is like a flower , it blossoms over time" , The one phrase, I can relate to now in a better ray of light.
Soon after our wedding my mother fell seriously ill, and I had to go through the rigmarole of  doctors , hospitals and sleepless nights.
All this while my husband always stood besides me , going through each procedure, giving me emotional support, rocking my lazy chair at night in the uncomfortable lounge of the hospital to bringing a hot cup of coffee to cheer me up, he did everything possible while putting my own comfort before his .
My mother passed away peacefully after some time and we got on with our lives .
I am thankful to Lava mobiles for suddenly waking me up and giving me this chance to share the parameters of that one person in my life- My husband, whose goodness have always been taken for granted by me as I thought, that these are normal qualities of any spouse. I was wrong.
Despite seeing the battery of  failed relationships all around me , I for one always had that mental reassurance that no matter what through thick or thin my relationship with my spouse would always be one of a pillar of strength (happy face coz suddenly the words of appreciation are flowing like water through my mouth)
More than the debt of gratitude for my parents, teachers, and now to rock solid husband , I would like to express it for Lava mobile for giving me an opportunity to express these emotions to my husband , which would otherwise have always been embedded in my subconscious .
Ever since I started my blogging career ,  he is the one who had always inspired me, and pushed me beyond my known limits, helped me to dig out my true creativity ,polish it and bring it you folks.
With tear in my eyes, I now very vividly remember the number of times , he had tightened or shortened my dresses with a needle and thread all by himself or for that perfect crease of my coat or the countless sticking of my shoe-soles or putting me to bed while I came home drunk.
Very proudly I announce him to be my Man Friday A.K.A  Ramu Kaka to whom I look forward for support through tough times, dependability in tight spots (like a wardrobe malfunction) and for his internal strength and perseverance while tolerating all my Buffoonery , idiosyncrasies .
Now finally I think  can let the burden go off my chest, since I have found a match in lava mobiles which is also the epitome of strength, and reliability . Lava mobiles endure thousands of tests before we get to hold them in our hands. Rough and tough, Lava mobiles are also perfect to rely on when you need them the most.
In this fast pace life, for any woman she needs two things to get set and rolling -
A dependable failsafe phone and a person whom she could always fall back and depend unconditionally upon.
So who is that one person in your life whom you depend on ?