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My Shaving Experience With Gillette Venus and Shaving tips

Monday 12 October 2015 /

Our body hair debate has been going on for a long time starting from me attending the first Gillette Meet, busting a few myths and norms related to shaving and then turn by turn embarking and venturing and fit into the mainstream beauty expectation .
Is Shaving safe ? Will my hair turn coarse after shaving ? What about skin darkening ?
The media, and has put tremendous pressure socially that shaving is the right thing to do.Infact its trendy and wins over the most dominant shaving methods.
Coming back to my experience, I have switched to shaving after ridiculously waxing my legs , even after laser treatment. Though my hair still takes ages to swiftly grow, but thankfully its not spiked(my worst fear)

So how exactly do we shave. Since it has become the most obvious and common thing for  me to, let me just put on record some leg shaving skills for you all too.

  • Minutes before getting into the shower, wet your skin slightly.
  • I prefer using shaving cream rather than any soap, coz it helps the razor glide up and even softens hair so that you have a smooth shaving experience, so lather up in sufficient quantity. Avoid using soaps. That's one of the reason a lot of women experience immediate dryness post shaving (myth covered here )
  • Start from the top of the foot and pull up using small strokes. I have seen a lot of videos where women takes longer strokes but that doesn't really work for me in my case.I prefer shorter ones though.
A few tips that would always help for a nice smooth shave and should be practiced :
  • Try shaving first thing in the morning instead before bed time. When we sleep, our legs swell up slightly, hence the hair may retreat back by the time you wake up in the morning.
  • The shaving area should be adequately wet,hence preferably, hang out in the shower before you start with the process.
  • Always shave in the direction of hair growth.We have always heard that shaving in the opposite direction of hair gets you a smooth shave, but the skin also becomes prone to cuts, and nicks. So totally a bad idea.
  • Never use cheap disposable razors- Am totally against it.In the long run, they are bad, you play with the friction, and hence end up with itchy, flaky and bruised skin.
  • If you have ingrowing hair- Usually its a result of angle of hair growth or if you have excessive dead skin around the shaving area, its always better to treat it first, or for the time being, leave that particular spot till the hair grows back again.
  • Say No to shaving creams - They have a chemical which removes hair,and if you have sensitive skin, you should even not touch that tube. Different skin responds differently to the creams. It smells really bad, and can burn if used in the wrong place (chemical effect)
  • Change blades once u spot weariness.Old razors cause bumps, redness and traps bacteria-you become prone to infections. Gillette Venus  razors comes with an indication,hence you are able to look into changing the blades in a timely manner.
  • Moisturize your skin well after shaving, and continue to do so everyday.Trust me it would help you in the long run and gradually rid you of all woes related to shaving including dry and dead skin .
I hope you like the whole synopsis . Do check out my previous posts covering various myths regarding shaving, and how my shaving experience has been so far. You may click here, here, here and here.
I hope my articles covers all your doubts in regards to shaving ,but In case you still have any queries , do give me a shout on my e-mail, and I would be happy to answer.
Happy Shaving -Ladies **
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