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Victorinox Luggage – Discover Fine Swiss Craftsmanship

Thursday 29 October 2015 / , , ,

looking for ideas to make an investment in luggage that will stand the test of time and look great for decades to come, no matter how hectic your usual travel schedule, then look no further . Introducing - Victorinox is a new found brand to look at. Victorinox luggage claims to be one of the highest build in quality, which I feel is something extremely reassuring about having your luggage made by a company with thinking of its extensive heritage and 
prestige – (you know you are getting something special as well as stylish.) 
Here, we take a look at just what makes Victorinox luggage a reliable and beautiful option to your carry on and check into.

Where Have I Heard That Name Before?
While Victorinox are well known for their luggage, which has received rave reviews from consumers and is also extremely popular with celebrities, the product they are most famous for is the Swiss Army knife. Victorinox has been producing official pocket knives for the Swiss Army since the late 19th century, and everybody is familiar with those iconic red knives that also feature all manner of  handy implements like scissors, tweezers, corkscrews, toothpicks, nail files and dozens of other tools.

While these knives have been used for well over a century, Victorinox also poured some of their design and engineering expertise into other accessory ranges, and that is why there are now excellent Victorinox watches, clothing, and of course, suitcases.
What To Expect From Victorinox Luggage?

If you buy Victorinox luggage, you are not only getting the assurance of quality that comes with that familiar red shield and cross logo. Victorinox put as much skill into designing and producing their luggage as they do their famous pocket knives, and so as you might expect from the makes of a small tool that does everything, you'll see that there are innovative solutions in their luggage that make it possible to pack more into the space available – particularly important when it comes to things where space is at a premium like carry on bags for air travel. 

As well as innovation, you can also expect the very best in build quality. All accessories on these bags like handles and wheels are as durable and resilient as the cases themselves, and there is also a great warranty to support you if your bags get damaged or mishandled while you're on the road.

Celebrity Fans

A whole range of celebrities have been seen with Victorinox luggage and accessories, including Michael C. Hall, best known for playing Dexter in the hugely acclaimed series of the same name, and Rachel Bilson. Celebrity stylist Nicole Chavez who has worked with such Hollywood A listers as Catherine Zeta Jones and Katherine Heigl, is a huge fan of the brand and has even has her testimonial on the Victorinox website that she often recommends Victorinox to her clients.

Victorinox offers fine Swiss craftsmanship, combined with design that is practical, innovative, and visually appealing. If you want chic but robust luggage that is made to last, hence a great brand to choose.

  1. looks like a very qulity luggage xoxo

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