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Ready for Your Close-up? Three Lipstick Looks Inspired by the Red Carpe

Sunday 4 October 2015 / , ,

In the last few years, stylish ladies all over the world have fallen in love with the simple, the effortless, the “no-make-up” makeup: loose waves, lineless eyes, and bare lips. But there’s nothing like awards season to put the glamour back in every girl’s imagination.With weeks of red carpets right around the corner, there’s no better time to spruce up your makeup stash for an all-new look and an all-new you. 
This has been a season of throwbacks, as the trendsetters in Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Paris move away from the simple, rough-around-the-edges looks that ruled the first ten years of the millennium. Fresh from the beach waves have given way to luxurious updos and sleek ponytails, and the bare lip of last year is now a full, bold pop of colour. 
How can you get those dramatic looks in your own bathroom mirror? Here’s three places to start. 

Matte Lipstick: Well-Groomed Glamour

The new styles this year are carefully composed, every hair in place and every brush stroke planned. 
With a busy schedule and a long city commute, you probably don’t have time for an elaborate hairdo or a fancy smoky eye, but you can get that luxe look in just a few minutes with one of this season’s biggest hits: The matte lip.
Gloss is great, but matte lipstick can really take you to the next level, with a soft, velvety finish and rich colours. Don’t shy away from matte colours because they have a reputation for being tricky to apply! The trick, according to celebrity artist Melissa Walsh, is to take a few seconds to exfoliate your lips  beforehand. Just massage them gently with a soft toothbrush to remove any flakes of dead skin and create a smooth foundation for the colour. For an extra highlight, press on a spot of eyeshadow at the centre of your lower lip. It will brighten up the colours and make your lips look fuller: the perfect luxe, rich-girl finish. Pick a shadow colour that contrasts with your lip colour: gold or bronze for red shades,and something silver or blue for deeper purples and pinks. 

Warm Nudes and Natural Shine

Is bold lip colour not your personal style? Don’t worry: the classic nude lip will never go out of style. This season adds a twist to the classic. Many designers this year gave their models a warm, blushing look, healthy and windswept, fresh from a mountain hike. 
To get that warm, natural glow, the perfect colour choice is important. If your skin is mid-range or deep toned, pick something in a warm brown or bronze with gold highlights. For fairer skin, look for a colour with pink and coral tones to pick up the natural flush of your cheeks. Sheer, light colours like L'OrĂ©al's ,Nutri-shine line are perfect for this breezy, healthy look. Can’t find the colour you want in a store near you? No problem: you can find a rainbow of colours if you buy lipsticks online from Habbana,and have it delivered to your doorstep in just a few days. 

Welcome Back, Lip Gloss

We know what you’re thinking. Lip gloss? Expensive and luxurious? We were just as surprised! Lip gloss has made a surprise return to the world of fashion, after spending the last five years rolling around the bottoms of schoolgirls’ backpacks. But celebrity makeup artists worldwide are finding a use for it again, for a natural, arresting shine that enhances and brightens your natural lip colour. Paired with a bold kohl liner or a narrow cat eye, a clear gloss is the perfect accent to a dramatic eye look. 
If you like a little colour without going bold, try out a tinted balm or stain: BTW I love Lakme’s perfect pout line for this look! You’ll get the sheer shine of a lip gloss without that sticky feeling, along with a slight highlight of subtle colour to pull the look together. Whether you chose a balm or a gloss, be sure to toss the tube in a pocket or a purse: you’ll want to reapply in a few hours, after that first morning cup of chai. 

A Few Final Words

Effortless and natural will always have its charm, but I’ve fallen in love with this season’s trend 
towards carefully put together, well-groomed looks. The perfect lip colour is a great starting point for your own luxe style matte, whether you like to take it bold or natural. Gold and silver highlights and warm, bold colours are all the rage this year: the perfect time to repurpose an old favourite from the bottom of your makeup bag, or go shopping for a new shade to fall in love with!