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Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge - Report and Myth Busted

Tuesday 1 September 2015 /

There is nothing quite frustrating as hair removal. Its a task ,often pretty dreadful and includes a lot of sigh ** moments for a lot of us .
There is a less dreadful experience to get rid of body hair,but a lot of us are quite apprehensive about it. So I decided to dedicate this post into busting some myths picking up from where I left i.e my 30 days  #subscribetosmooth(shaving challenge) using Gillette Venus.
Up until now, we all know of the rudimentary tutorial we all have been handed down for effective removal of hair- Razors and blades- and that too just about any.
Did u know almost 60 percent of women are not equipped with right techniques for shaving, and having disclosed  that  the reasons may vary from dry shaving , to fast shaving, blunt blades to using a non-flexible razor. Your reason could be any .

I shaved a lot back in college. Usually dry shaving, with cuts, and red patches , and irritable skin. Looking back, I can now logically conclude that I was doing it all wrong. A lesson learnt pretty late in life, but nothing as dreadful since now I can reveal what is the difference between a bad shave and a silky smooth one.
A common question that arises for all women is that shaving leaves the skin dry and flaky + itchy skin after use etc. 
Believe you me, out of all the apprehensions and questions this was the first question that popped on my mind too at the Gillette bloggers meet .
A lot of women face immediate dryness after shaving . If I tell you the truth, my skin feels dry after waxing, especially in winters.  Its just totally the opposite.
Dryness or itchy or flaky skin is not a result of shaving in fact is a general  condition also referred to as skin type. Most of us have dry skin. And keeping the skin well moisturised everyday is how you can get rid of this.
Also stop soaping your shaving area. It deprives of the natural body oil . The oil  serve a purpose, stripping it would be not something you want to be doing.
It would be great if a hot shower can be avoided especially just minutes before shaving. Let the hair hydrate naturally with cold water  and then start with the process.
This was exactly what I did too.
Today is the 7th day that I first shaved using Gillette Venus . My skin still feels soft, and the hair hasn't popped out yet. Usually its laser reduced hair that I am working on with. My growth is pretty scarce and scattered but technically minute (Check below pic and a step BY step on my shaving experience )
All Smooth- Shaved using Gillette Venus
Will wait another week for my shaved hair to grow out a bit, and would fill in you all with my experience once again pretty soon.
Don't forget to ask any further shaving related questions while I am on this challenge.

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