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Bag Sporting at NYFW 2015

Monday 5 October 2015 / , , , ,

Bags tend to be something we all covet and admire, but they can be hard to pick out! A bag can be one of the season's biggest fashion choices, because usually you will want to wear it with everything from your bulkiest coat to your sexiest Christmas party dress. Of course, bags just like every other accessory change with the seasons and there are whole new bag and purse looks to think about at this time of year as the seasonal fashion pieces change in stores. But what should you be looking for 
for your fall 2015 go to bag?
Here are some of the street styles spotted at NYFW Spring Summer 2015 and the bags that I am eyeing just about.

Hand Held
We are used to all of our accessories being hand held these days, so why not our bags? Short straps designed for the owner to hold in their perfectly manicured hands are big news this fall, rather than longer straps that you have to throw over your shoulder. This trend is not only cool looking, it can also help you reduce injury to your spine and shoulders as you wear your bag. Choose bags withstrong but short leather straps and wear them close to your body by holding them in your hand to 
imitate this fall 2015 runway trend.


Monograms may seem like something weird from the 18th century, but believe it or not they are back in a big way. Creating your own personal brand on your accessories with handmade monogram features is all the rage, with stars even monogram treating their gum boots at festivals this summer. 
You can choose all kinds of styles and fonts for the monograms on your new bag, but wear it loud and proud and be happy that you are not only fitting in with the latest trend, but also expressing your own very unique style! This is what is so great about the monogram trend – you can follow a fashion but really own it and make it fit with your own style and fashion. Check out some of the monogram totes and other purses you can get with your very own sigil on at – some of their designs are perfect for fall and with your own monogram on you are good to go and kick some fall leaves!
90's Style

The 90's was an interesting time for fashion, and when it comes to what we should be wearing this year you may be surprised how much of an influence that period has! In the 90's, bags were cute and pretty, and that is a fashion that is coming back. Even the mini back pack most associated with Baby Spice is making a comeback, and that style you wore as a kid is going to suddenly become high chic once again!
Whatever style of bag you are looking for, the 2015 fall lines are sure to offer loads of great choices. Just make sure the bag you choose meets your practical needs as well as fitting with the great trends of the season!