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Gillette Venus - Take Through | #subscribetosmooth

Saturday 26 September 2015 /

Are you a girl wondering about shaving body hair ? Do you get jitters even at the thought of having a relationship with your razor ? If yes then,Read on..............................................................................

 After busting some myths on shaving for women  and some general prejudices we all have for our body hair  , I am back today with reasons that why you should actually switch to shaving.
Having said that, and discussing how women can actually start shaving their face (in response to  reader's query), lets take up this topic again and the unusualness of this long known infamy.

Back in the 80s I saw my Dad cutting himself a lot of times after shaving , and yes It got scary.
And it all started since then. I associated shaving with- razor burns to abrasions to a lot of trauma, silently promising myself to never touch that sharp thing which reveals a handsome man but with troubles best know to him.
Times changed and the razors evolved, but what about the stigmas attached to blades ? The thing is we are still stuck with demerits of the process. Its still  stereotypically a male grooming habit.
Its short term good fix for men , but what about us ladies ?
So why do Indian women(in particular) still shy away from shaving when Japanese women have a common term to it (Kao sori )  ??? Women haven't come out that openly when it comes to shaving body parts leave alone bikini area.
Although there are no medical benefits of shaving our hair, besides it is super easy to perform, and damn cheap,hardly takes minutes , has no side effects ( refer last posts ) and can be easily done without any help and from the comfort of our homes.
 Its a win-win for beginners, or young adults or for busy moms and working women.
It took me a while to adapt to shaving after my college was over. I was speculant , but after my horrid encounter with the process,I was shy about that kind of thing. A lot of times back in school I wanted to have the feel of how it goes,but was always scared. What would my dad think ? Will he be okay if I use his stuff. What if mom doesn't like me shaving ? What if it gives me a cut ? I dare not ask back these questions then.
I shaved the first time in college . I was undergoing hormonal changes , my hair growth was erratic and like any other women, I blamed everything on shaving.
Internet didn't take up back then, but the good news is that it is now.Even better news is that all my favourite shaving razors brands have their online presence and we can talk about our apprehensions.
Since I mentioned that I resumed shaving after long and only when Gillette Venus gave me an opportunity to try their razor, I am happy to report that I was able to educate myself and reason out a lot of things which I am sure  you all would have a hitch about. Its been twice I shaved after the event, and the results are great. Razors were one thing I never thought of keeping in my travel bag , but now I need not worry about unannounced hair on my vacations. Heck I do not need to worry to get it all cleaned up before going on a vacation.

So Ladies if you are too struggling with removing body hair, just ask a trusted adult and cruise through your experience. If you find the air of doubt clearing after reading my post, do give me a thumbs up or write to me for any other question you may have on this topic.
Alternatively you can also reach out to Gillette Venus on Facebook and their App which answers all our concerns .
Stay tuned for my next post where I would be sharing best techniques on shaving, and how to get it all smooth and ready.

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