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Gillette Venus #SubscribeTo Smooth - Report/ Week 2

Friday 11 September 2015 /

Along with how much hair we have and where we have it, humans have been obsessing over the coarse matter of shaving for decades. Since a lot of working women Shave these days (examples taken from my own family) they would all have been gorillas considering the busy lives we lead, and sometimes we are left with no choice other than whisking the hair away shaving it all clean.
Today, I am back with my weekly review on #subscribetosmooth challenge after using Gillette Venus for the first time, and shaving after somewhat like a few years .
Once again I took up this challenge after I was convinced at the Gillette meet that all our freaks regarding shaving are nothing but myths passed down by generations . I had the slight confidence to resume shaving and make this episode as a learning foreground along with all the lovely people who read my blog, where we could all learn a little basics, bust some ignorance and educate ourselves.

In my last post I shared my shaving experience , and busted the most common myth -"Shaving causes dryness " You can check my views on the same in my previous post here.
Today it's been two weeks and my hair seems to be springing from the roots at a snail's trail .
Its really minute, and spread out. Pictures won't  show much of a difference, so lets keep them for the finale post.

After this shaving gig in so many years ,I  haven't felt any significant differences in the hair width, coarseness or speed of growth. Which makes me wonder, How did this myth about shaving and hair thickness even get started? 
There are so many reasons contributing to hair thickness that you'd be surprised. So let's get to validating some points based on my personal experience.

  • Fact 1- Childhood  hair, simply falls off , and we both men and women eventually  grow darker hair.
  • Fact 2- If we shave on a spot and it comes back really darker, it means that the hair below was darker anyway, once shed, it would resume its original color(dark).
  • Fact -3- Hair texture, color is never the same throughout our lives. Our body goes through changes , hormones change and that determines if we grow coarse hair or not.
  • Fact-4 Spending a lot of time in sun causes hair to darken up a bit. 
  • Fact 5- Hair will never grow back thicker or darker from shaving, but it may feel that way because it has a blunt end and not tapered like untouched hair. 
Summing up everything I said above , I can attest with conviction that-
#Shaving does not change ,hair texture or hair color or skin color"

I have a couple of questions from a few of you which I would love to  address.
Query 1

Who says women can't shave their faces. It's absolutely safe.  I had a friend back in college who shaved her face. Shaving is fine for quick removal hair. It has no side effects, and is relatively cheap. Laser helps you reduce unwanted hair. Clearly only reduction is possible, however you would still have to continue coming back to other ways of removing laser reduced hair.
Few things to keep in mind before that razor touches your pretty face-
a] Shave in the direction of hair growth
b]Never use the same razor on any other part of your body
c] Use a razor which doesn't allow much friction and is smooth for the delicate facial skin. In this case, Gillette Venus could be a good start point .
Query 2

You can try laser hair reduction for bikini area. But its a bit expensive and as mentioned above, it only reduces hair but never removes permanently. The hair might become very light, but would still grow back,On the other hand, shaving is a more painless and immediate way to get rid of the same.
Query 3
There is no theory for any better wax brand or cream. However if you have never tried shaving as an option of successful removal of hair, you can read the views above, and get introduced to the best alternative for hair removal.

So this practically sums up the progress. Talk to you pretty soon on next pointers and till then if you still face any issues, or are hesitant about shaving (any first-time shavers also welcome), don't forget to reach out to me.
Finally  having said that, Gillette venus is the official sponsor for my challenge, but I have the right to express my views freely, rather honestly, and share feedback on the most practical things to do in life. The aim of the posts is not to drive sales to a particular brand, but to address a lot of myths we have been living with. 
Happy Shaving -Ladies **
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