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What's Your Rashee | Decide Your Style

Saturday 31 October 2015 /

From taking cues from nature, culture, and traditions from around the world, fashion pioneers have now shifted their focus to zodiac signs. If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your wardrobe this fall, now’s the time to get trendy with your zodiac sign fashion essentials that you can shop online at Rediff.

Here’s how you can give yourself the makeover you desire while incorporating the style traits of
your sign.

Hue That Works Wonders:  Shades of red
Styles To Invest In:
Go with bright colors that pack a punch. Classic silhouettes with vibrant prints and patterns will bring some vigor to your look. Experiment with statement accessories to stand out.
Hues That Work Wonders: Blues, earth tones, and neutrals
Styles To Invest In:
Subtle yet powerful is what best defines your approach to clothes. If you appreciate quality over labels, bring home timeless pieces like white button-downs, skinny jeans, and black pumps. Indulge in some quirky and peppy accessories to add an edge to your outfits.
Hues That Work Wonders: Cheerful yellows, magenta, and orange
Styles To Invest In:
Your eclectic sense of fashion makes it difficult to pin your style down. Combine bold and vibrant colours with classic silhouettes. Mix wardrobe staples like a blend coat in lively hues with other fun accessories. For example, you can wear a pastel yellow mini dress coupled with a pair of maroon
suede thigh-high boots.

Hues That Work Wonders: Pastel shades, red, ivory, and taupe
Styles To Invest In:
Stick to structured pants, straight-cut dresses, and tailored coats. Feminine and classic styles look best on you. You can play around with accessories to bring some pizzazz to your outfit. Vintage prints with contemporary cuts fit your sensibilities perfectly.

Hues That Work Wonders: Dramatic hues like red, gold, and black
Styles To Invest In:
Go wild with abstract, graphic, animal, psychedelic, and tribal prints. Experiment with statement accessories and flattering hemlines for your dresses, coats, and skirts. Keep your style statement loud and proud.

Hues That Work Wonders: Earth tones, black and white
Styles To Invest In:
Make a subtle fashion statement with styles that combine femininity and functionality. You can play with Aztec, stripes, chevron, and checkered prints while still sporting monochrome colours. Pastel shades are another elegant alternative if you’re looking for signature cuts with bold prints.

Hues That Work Wonders: Pink, blue, and white
Styles To Invest In:
Playing with layers and fads works best for you. Pair a tailored striped suit with a pastel midi-skirt. You can also opt for a button-down coat to go with hot pants and stockings. Mix and match using accessories in fun, flirty hues.

Hues That Work Wonders: Black, midnight blue, and plum red
Styles To Invest In:
Go in for daring silhouettes that embrace your curves. Bodycon and pencil skirts with structured hemlines and slits are ideal options. You can play with textures like suede, leather, or lycra blends. Combined with bold patterns, these pieces will accentuate your assets.

Hues That Work Wonders: Purple, beige, white, and peach
Styles To Invest In:
Always have a pair of boyfriend jeans, some pastel blouses, and flowy dresses in your closet. Go for bright colours and subtle prints like stripes, houndstooth, and watercolour. Stick to feminine silhouettes and play with accessories like printed scarves and funky necklaces.

Hues That Work Wonders: Dark shades like indigo, green, and black
Styles To Invest In:
You can carry off an effortlessly sophisticated look with a tailored blazer and cigarette pants.Rich fabrics like cashmere, satin, wool, and silk are a must-have for your wardrobe. You gravitate towards classic styles, but add your own twist to them.

Hues That Work Wonders: Electric blues, violet, turquoise, and cherry red
Styles To Invest In:
Keeping abreast of fashion trends and venturing out in bold silhouettes is all in a day’s work for you. Experiment with shapes, colours, and patterns to make off-beat style statements. Pair an eclectic pair of shoes and dramatic accessories with your cocktail dress to turn heads.

Hues That Work Wonders: Pastels like lavender, seafoam green, fuchsia, and  arctic blue
Styles To Invest In:
Achieve the perfect balance between bohemian and ladylike by going in for floaty silhouettes with individualistic prints. Mix bold colours and unconventional patterns like artistic, Navajo-inspired, and ikat in flowy cuts. You can also opt for pastel maxi dresses or skirts and pair it with chunky metallic accessories.