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Day 1 #AIFW Sanjay Garg - Mashru

Wednesday 7 October 2015 /

Day 1 opened with Sanjay garg presenting his collection "Mashru ", meaning Shari which comes from Arabic word means "permitted by Islamic law". Mashru came to India via Silk route , and woven in India , Gujarat and UP.The hall smelt of fresh Mogra flowers the minute I entered.Even the ceiling was decorated beautifully,(pic below).
The collection saw garments in rich colours in Silk and shine.Raw Mango brought Mashru back with little modifications, limiting mashru on the borders and the rest of the material in cotton, for heat bearing climates. The colour palette was rich and luxurious with easy drapes, which did not conflict the movement.
Have a look:
The beautiful floral ceiling at the Sanjay Garg show 
indian fashion week aifwss16 sanjay garg
aifwss16, indian fashion week
indian fashion week street style
indian fashion week, sanjay garg, aifwss16
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