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Beginners Mom Guide To Introduce local South Indian Cuisine to kids

Wednesday 15 April 2015 /

Its that time of the month again , that I thought I would bring you a food treat , which I had been planning so long .  Today I would be talking about some delicacies brought from Southern cuisine .
As a new mom , I had given into a contemporary way of finding new recipes for my growing daughter , during her terrible two's . It was then I bought almost all the books that Late Tarla Dalal had written and has some of the best compilation of her child -friendly recipes.  I still have them stocked in some corner, hoping they would find company of another flummoxed mom, who could create the same magic , like I did.
Coming to this topic, and my neat research , I figured, my daughter had a thing for two for southern non-descript buds, and it was then I chalked out a lot of recipes for her to sink in. Turns out that more she sinked her tongue into Southern menu, the more she grew to love it, and overcame every mother;s dreaded  food fuss days.
Since kids are lazy to chew food, they like to eat items made from rice, which are soft. I learnt that when I spent my childhood in Bangalore, and got introduced to the local cuisines along with fast food joints in Bangalore . I stayed with my aunt and used to babysit a lot of kids from extended family and she always tweaked the food menu in Bangalore with her own kid friendly spin.
 Here is what I learnt, after saving those hand written recipes (coz we didn't have innovate books, and almost unplugged from technology) and believe you me that I still have the handwritten notes of some of her stuff which she created so lovingly. And guess what, I put that to best use, when the time was ripe, and so happy with the acceptance which it deserved.

  • Spinach Idli's - A great way to introduce color with health , so that the toddlers doesn't get bored. Packed with nutrients, it not only gets ready in a jiffy,rather gets a fussy toddler its first encounter with veggies. I would say If you want to introduce vegetables to kids, this is a great starter. Find full recipe here
  • Sooji (Rava Dosa)-  This one is also a instant hit. For the love of everything crunchy n crispy, this is an instant hit with little ones. Find the full recipe (
  • Vermicelli : Its a complete whole meal for kids,and is also popular coz of its noodle like appearance which makes it totally kids friendly. Since Nestle spoiled all children and thankfully they have Maggi induced taste buds, I always add up half a pack of maggi masala on top, to make it  taste like real maggi noodles.  You'd be surprised to see it all go in minutes.