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Sites Offering Customized Mobile Covers in India

Saturday 30 August 2014 / , , , ,

Today, we Can't and should not imagine life without mobile phone, and  as you nod in agreement , you might also want to resonate with the fact that in the current world, cell phones are not at all about talking. With thousands of app being launched almost everyday, the mobile business is on a boom, and with that this multifunctional part n parcel of our lives, has become a lifestyle statement !
How many of you match your Phone covers , with the outfits you wear? Customized mobile phone covers are great. Its the new fad ain't it?
Mobile Phone customization is the most effective ways to beautify that lil thingy and make it attractive.I'm thinking fancy phone covers are to us what handkerchiefs used to be for our grand moms !

So with that a trend catching up with the Gen Next, lets talk about the  best sources to get 
customized mobile phone cover online. 
I have my own preferences n these are a few sites I have been visiting lately to find a perfect accessory for my phone !
Bewakoof: Though is well-known for its clothing for guys and girls, it has many other products online. You will be happy to know that this is one of the best sites to buy customized mobile phone covers online in India. It features adequate number of mobile phone covers. Various kinds of mobile phone covers for iPhone 5, iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung S3, Samsung S4, Note 2, etc. Once you browse through there are lots of them in fancy colors. The price starts at Rs. 499.
Printland: This is one of the most reliable sites in India for buying customized mobile phone cover online. Besides many sites providing the same offer, Printland is much more awesome. There are plenty of mobile phone covers to choose from.  So let that  nice, stylish phone  make a big positive difference to your style. Printland features lots of covers made of soft vinyl, leather, plastic, and even silicone. Not only that If you have a design on your mind, then upload a photo. Printland takes care of the rest and help the artist inside you to actually being a medium to bring the talent right in your hand. 
Printvenue: This is another top quality site you need to go through till you find a perfect piece to flaunt. They too have some attractive covers n accesories  which you should check out. Rather I would suggest instead of buying multi covers from one site , you should break up the purchase and give these all three a shot once.
Looking for discounts? Then you should visit for offer and deals on these items before adding the items to the cart. You won't believe how much you would save in the end !
Happy Shopping