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Best Places to Shop Trendy Clothes in Delhi

Friday, 22 November 2013 / , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

The way we shop now a days, has changed over a last few years !! Wanna Know what should be an ideal wardrobe like, well then read on !
A few days back, I got a readers mail, asking me, my shopping preferences- Bangkok vs street shopping vs brands etc..
I'll tell you the truth. Zara , Mango and all the high end brands have penetrated deep in India.The clothes are well tailored, extremely fitted  though I wouldn't call them value for money ! They are not exclusively for the affluent class, but within the reach of middle class too ! For some its a status symbol, and it seems like everyone else is itching to race and blow a wad of cash on looking like everyone else ! Well that's my problem. Why look alike, when you can look different ? I feel like I can see the same dress I bought some days ago about three times on the same week walking through my city.
One word- The only thing I have with these brands is that you can't be experimental ! You just can't forge yourself on it !! You don't own a dress, damn IT OWNS U !!!
I love high end shopping , but its just been over an year the excitement of sale and clearance has died down for me at least in India where Zara and Mango rules the fashion snobbery ! That's a reason I have been hitting stand alone designers(meher chand market/hauz khas) Flea markets, Exhibitions and sarojini nagar lately !! I love picking up the rarest of the designs  and mixing it what I already have and evolve in my own way.
I  have blessed serendipity in picking up this scooter print jacket recently from Sarojini !! Its structured, fits well and is perfect for light layering! I was so excited about my find that I picked up three different prints Can't wait to show you all !!! What's your take on fashion now days ? Thrift ? Brands ? recession ? Future ?

I hope I could do more justice to this print, but the sun was too strong :(
Blouse- Thrifted
Scooter Print Jacket- Sarojini Market, Delhi
Belt- Mango
Shoes/ Arm cuffs/ Bag- Bangkok
Sunnies- Asos
  1. Wonderful doll, you look smashing...have a gorgeous weekend xx

  2. Great outfit dear!!! Have a happy weekend!

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  4. Awensome! You are so beautiful :))
    I fallow you...

  5. great patterns dear! have a nice weekend!
    kisses, Mrs Vain

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  10. So cool !!!!
    lovely shoes.


  11. How cute! Love the print on the jacket and your fun, vibrant style. New follower here on gfc :) :)

    atelier zozo

  12. those shoes and blazers! wow! you pulled them off well!

  13. you look amazing, love the jacket

  14. great outfit!! offcourse we can follow each other dear, i follow you now, please follow back :*

  15. You look so pretty girl! X Anna


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  21. Love the blazer and your shoes! You look amazing in this outfit!
    And thanks for the tips, now I know where to go if I ever visit Delhi.

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    Cassandra | Backtofive

  22. Awesome pics and style! :) Just started following you via GFC, your blog is so nice! Would you like to follow mine as well? :) Red Velvet

  23. the blazer is so beautiful!:) lovely look!♥

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  25. Love the blazzer You look awesome.

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  27. You look super cute! I love that blazer on you and those shoes are so cute!

  28. I love the jacket babe!! And yepp its true - No matter what label you wear, branded or thrifted - it totally depends upon how you carry it off!!
    PS - You are taking me out Sarojini shopping this week.. 8)
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  29. I love Zara, too!
    Recently I bought a leopard-spotted coat of Zara, it is really very gorgeous.
    Of course your pink jacket is pretty as well. I think I'll try a similar style with you.
    Thanks for your sharing.

  30. Hi Surbhi! Love your take on this topic! You have so much fashion savvy!!! You are my icon darling!!!:)
    I feel that I don't necessarilly have to shop high end, to look on trend!!!

  31. Such a pretty outfit,, the jacket is so great

  32. Super cute print on that jacket!

  33. I'd rather prefer to wear second hand or vintage pieces that the ones from Zara or Mango everybody wear...!!
    Love the jacket darling!!

  34. Love the white pants dear!! Fab!! ♥ ♥

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  35. Hello, I am already following your blog!
    Loved the photos immense coat is beautiful.

  36. Nice :)

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  37. Cute look, I adore the accessories!

  38. You are right about the curses of high end shopping :) But I still love shopping at Zara!
    Love the scooter print jacket and your shoes!

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  40. hi dear
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  41. Love your style.

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  42. You look so pretty darling! <3

  43. Great outfit :D I love your jacket it has such a nice color too :D

    Also really enjoyed reading your experience on shopping in Delhi!


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  44. As they say for art, fashion is also in details. Love how the watch and shoes add boost to your glam.


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