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Brand Spotlight : Madame Spring Collection and Bloggers meet At Pacific Mall, Delhi

Friday 4 April 2014 / , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Last month was all about buzzing events and then the much awaited Fashion week happened. Things moved on at a pretty fast pace ,and then after burning the candle from both ends,I just felt like crashing and not to even look at any mails . I need to get rid of my dark circles pretty soon, and am also looking for some pronto vacation elope. But before anything happens pretty fast, let me just do a brief look back to a blogger meet up which happened last month organized by " Madame"at their Pacific Mall, Delhi outlet
As usual, I got a chance to rub my elbows with event regulars and some new connections were made too. Needless to say, a lot of things happens over a cup of coffee ,and the unveiling of Madame Spring Summer collection 2014 was just a part of it.
There were hair stylists, who were hired to do a Zealous Cinderella makeover on us, before we were asked to pick our style from the collection and head for a quick change of our outfits.
There were short videos made on why's and how's of the collection,with blogger intro and the cameraman's usual technical glitches and re-takes. 
My style is usually comfortable, hence I just took a moment to slip into these harem pants and called it a day. Within minutes I saw this cropped lace jacket hidden under trial piles, and picked it up for the rest of my pairing.
Stills from the video shooting, when I was a Talking Tom. Dressed all in Madame.
The end result - I looked all fancy,in Madame,but felt a lil packed up a while after,as I went down a size in this jacket. After month of hunting for a jacket like this, it had to come to me this way. But then it was an  " it" fashion triage,and didn't even restrict me in a big way(just a size small),But then ,we probably should have clothes in all fits and sizes,some more flatter fitted and a few snug, and as long as I am not getting fat, things like these walk back with me home.
Above-Chit Chat with bloggers below Me trying on this humongous hat displayed on the window.Sadly,It was not for sale:{
I would say that I am not a regular at shopping at madame, but their colorful spring/summer surely makes me wanna keep a tab on whats new!The store looked energetic with huge prints galore spotted on the racks,and some nice summery and candy dresses on which I had a crush on.
Do drop in a Madame store whenever possible ,and check out a variety of styles ranging from simple tees, vests and tops in nets and laces, to keep you cool and stylish this spring. The collection also includes short skirts and sunny dresses both for formal and casual occasions.
Check out some more event related activities at the hash-tag- #madamebloggersmeet
Price: INR 895 onward
Availability: All Madame stores

  1. Very interesting and amazing event darling!


  2. Great pictures dear! xoxo

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  4. It had to be great event! You looked amazing, I adore your trousers!

  5. You look so pretty Surbhi, love your entire outfit!!

  6. In love with your trousers !!! Pretty ! Kisses

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  8. Hello from Spain: great event. Nice pants .. We keep in touch

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    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo

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