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Old is new ! The story of a skirt

Friday 9 March 2012 /

"The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize. 
~Robert Harling .   

 Am so exited for the weekend !Hope u all had a fantabulous  holi? As far as i am concerned, dis time i decided to stay away from colors, coz was fighting some sort of disease situation here.  Since the layering is gonna go step by step , day after day, coz our dear spring has arrived in time ,  just managed to do one more last post on one of those hellua coldest day! When the whole world snuggled, in those warm quilts, me n my hubby decided to celebrate the coldest day in January Partying!Isn't it a very cool(or fool) thing to do? Since the Brandy helped us a lot in overcoming the aftereffects of our silly stroll post midnight and club hopping, we just survived that day of minimum temperature (recorded 2 degrees somehow )Freezing out our capacity to feel !Thanks to the warm quilted jacket , which saved me ! Though after the much dancing, the layers came off gradually....
This was what i wore

No idea what i was doing in the second pic. On a second thought, i was calling the waiter, i guess.

SheerLace Black top- Oldest piece of clothing i own.Pink turtle neck-Zara, Black quilted jacket- Barcelona,Red leatherite skirt-Mumbai (I wore it on my honeymoon and the second time in this pic),Stockings-Kazo,Suede BurgundyBoots-Gk market also worn here,Gloves-Promod,WhiteClutch- Fiorelli-Necklace-Singapore.

P.S -After i wore this skirt on my honeymoon which was seven years back, it was a dumped piece of clothing for me. I would have taken it out a several times just to peek-a boo,or one of those mind making times, but never wore it. Earlier times it didn't fit me too. Disappointing ! But on this day, one random try and i managed to fit in absolutely perfectly !I even secretly gave a pat on my back, since i carried it even more gracefully than earlier.

Do u ever face the times when u are not able to fit in your favorite piece of clothing? If yes then stick along, coz i would be sharing a lot such stories on the blog.
The Black jacket has a story behind it too , which i would definitely be sharing in my future posts.

Until then Sayonara........................Take care...............................XOXO

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