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The Perfect Formula To An Awesome Bridal Shower Party

Wednesday 23 October 2013 / , , ,

Bridal showers are pretty common  before the big day arrives. It’s celebration of womanhood where the bride will say bye-bye to single life and embrace the bond of marriage. In midst of that we cannot forget Bridal shower parties which are very common now days and  gets the would-be bride in a party mood with her girls.
 If you’re on your way to getting married or about to attend a wedding anytime soon, and are looking at turning a simple occasion into a remarkable event for you and your friends, then let me share some quick fixes and mental notes which might come handy before the big day arrives !

1. Bridal shower party dresses – They are a good investment. Wearing the classic styles is acceptable, but you can also show up in these beautiful gowns  that will surely make you look fabulous.Go ahead and play dress-up when there is an occasion which asks for that.

Also Browse some more styles of cool party dresses at TheGreenGuide’s Bridesmaid dresses collection .

2. Music – The songs and the background music gives life to the occasion, so you must choose the right music to keep everybody in the party mood. You can go through the bridal party entrance songs recommended by OurDJRocks., which has some  pop songs compilations to start the evening right. Pre -prepare the list well in advance, and do some fresh downloads and keep everything handy.

3. Games – Try to come up with “parlor games” and keep a back up of extra ones so that it catches up everyone's mood and interests . Browse some  fun games online and get the required stuff handy ( pre-planning)and make these games fun so that they light up the whole evening of the bridal shower.

4. Food – Try not to order takeouts or deliveries this time and prepare meals before hand instead for the occasion. Treat your friends with a handful of specialty recipes that you have known ever since  and let them try out your style of cooking. Surely, if they’ll give a “thumbs up” to your food then rest assured that you are very well prepared for married life.

5. Photographs- Get a good camera or  hire a professional photographer and capture your precious moments with your friends and celebrate your good times together for the last (at least for old time single hood) . Capture all of these moments in detail as you will cherish them in years to come.

Don't forget to Party all night with good clean fun and follow these tips to Plan an amazing bridal shower. 

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  3. Wow ! The red dress is just gorgeous ! Great post doll :D
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