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Hair and Make up lessons At Pearl Academy

Tuesday 7 May 2013 / , , , , , , ,

I Have a love/hate relationship with make-up and hair styling !! Some-days I get it right in my first attempt,while sometimes I totally turn everything into a disaster !! Its just human to have make-up malfunctions,But one thing which I have learnt from my experience is that they are totally avoidable. Its just a matter of time -management,and a little technique that can help avoid a makeup/styling faux pas.    
So when I was recently Invited by Pearl Academy, Delhi to attend their  interactive workshop on ‘Special occasion make-up and hair styling’ where the Specialist would demonstrate techniques on HOW TO GET THAT LOOK(which we always admire on those magazine spreads), I decided to hit it up with delight !!  The session was conducted by renowned make-up artists Ashima Kapur and Khampui Thaimei and was open to anyone (pre-registration was required)..Although it was a 2 day session , I could only attend the hair styling workshop on second day..I am totally regretting missing the make-up part,especially after looking at these girls and how perfectly applied their makeup is !!!
Have a look at it :
She looks pretty in shimmery eyes 

A very glowing and flawless Nude make-up with bold eyes on one of a student

Ashima Kapoor-On how to use face highlighter
It couldn't get slick than this , Isn't it ??

This is not as tough as it looks(suitable for long hair )
Khampui Thaimei demonstrated an easy way to do a french bun. It looks like this !!!
Picture source: Google

And ,a donut bun using a Bun maker.It comes out exactly like these !!
picture source- google

About Pearl Academy:
Pearl is a renowned institute that caters to design, fashion, art and business. The Delhi campus is at Naraina and is spread across eight buildings and plethora of facilities with globally qualified faculty.

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