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Website Review | Apparel Candy

Wednesday 24 June 2015 /

I am off late into the phase of discovering new websites, and places to shop. Recently I was contacted was apparel candy to browse through their collection and check out the styles and trends. And being an truly afflicted online shopper (i know am not the only one out there), it doesn't harm to share new trend stories , every once in a while with you all, and see if we have a common agreeable background for fashion .

Apparel is an online wholesale clothing website which has the hottest styles and that's what got me a bit excited. Its a boon for any start up website with the ease and functionality to source for B2B or B2C .
From apparel to best wholesale accessories, to cosmetics, and fragrances and the newest being the handbag additions, this website is one stop value shop for individuals and even bulk buyers.It has the latest assortment of anything and everything that requires anyone to be trendy and fashionable .
The website provides a secure refund policy, express delivery and shipment tracking info, while providing a fast,easy and safe buying experience. First time customers even get a flat 15% off o their order. The customer care looked very prompt with an option of an online chat.
Here I have come out with this look , created from the products from Apparel candy.
Let me know what you think ?
Do give them a peek, an let me know if you like something from them too :)