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Every Day is A Fresh Start With New Airwick Freshmatic Range

Thursday 11 June 2015 /

Doing the house up with good designs, edgy furniture and artsy decor is not the only thing we want these days. Sometimes our house can use a little freshening up too.
It’s hot right now, and rains not being far away, we expect humidity to run us down in full swing. Not to mention, the smell indoors. You get what I am saying? It’s like sneakers mixed with cologne mixed with the tee that screams ‘I ran around the block four times’ mixed with cheese. I know it makes me sound delirious, but that’s the off-putting thing about the rainy season.
But thank God, we have room fresheners to take care of that. That’s what Airwick has been addressing in their recent TVC, which made me probe deeper into how these could help in fixing our mood, and the most powerful way to uplift our mood is the sense of smell. You might have figured this by now.
After watching the TVC, I decided to use these, and while I wanted to pick one, I somehow had difficulty in choosing which fragrance I wanted. All of them smell really nice, and could easily put anyone in a positive mood.
Here are the pros of having Air wick Freshmatic Automatic spray.
  • All the fragrances are extracted from essential oils, and are light and refreshing.
  • Every pack comes in a slim design dispenser, and can be placed anywhere. I started using them in the bathrooms to have a hygienic and great aroma. As a result the fragrance gently spreads to the whole house eventually.
  • The easy to clean dispenser comes with settings to adjust fragrance intensity from High to Medium to Low. Moreover, the white colour allows it to easily blend with the decor.
  • There are five fragrances to choose from - Velvet Rose, Citrus spice, Morning Rose Dew, Orange Blossom and Lavender and Chamomile.
  • Every pack lasts really long, in fact, upto 60 days if used on low intensity settings.
  • The fragrances are all natural aromas and dissipate quickly, coming into effect in no time.

The Verdict: The Air wick Freshmatic range acts as a mood up-lifter for our homes. I have been using them for over a week, as instant room fresheners, and my family says that they felt lighter and calmer, especially in the heat.
I feel that they help me get through the day in better spirits than usual, especially when I always want my house to smell nice and calm.

Do let me know if you have any secret mood lifters or tips on how to keep your homes smelling fresh and nice?