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DIY Crystals at Swarovski India Office | Event Spotlight

Wednesday 10 June 2015 / ,

Last month I got a fancy invite personally hand-delivered with utmost care. It was from Swarovski Crystals . They wanted to have me over for a crafternoon Tea-Party In the crystal land, ie. their sparkling head office in Gurgaon for a fun DIY session  with loose crystals.

It was bound to be fun, and I couldn't wait to explore what we would be unlocking with the key which was being sent along and  were suppose to carry  after the prompt reminders by the PR team .
It all started with seating us according to the key numbers, in front of a box which looked like this.

Once seated, we were shown a few videos how swarovski crystals play a major role on the runways,and trend stories following the same,  while we gobbled some yummy snacks.

It was time to unlock the box. My box had some color-coordinated loose crystals which I could easily use on my bag.
Soon all the bloggers quickly began hustling up for action,but before that a quick selfie posing at the swarovski installation.

It was time to start the DIY . I was pretty clueless on what design I actually wanted, until Akanksha their design head came to my rescue. The picture below is me Pseudo placing the crystals on my bag (just for photo op )  I loved the way she took charge of the event, with minimum twenty arms pulling her at the same time seeking help.


I simply loved the Trend stones and the crystal story  given to me in my customized box.The crystals were huge and made my bag shine all through. Depending on the material being decorated,these crystals can be glued (hot pressed ie) sewn on, or set in.
Catch quick video of my bag in making on my Instagram.

These days its pretty easy to put crystals on any product. Infact these virtues are put to practical use in watches, clock, garments, even the new Loreal Cannes Lippies have swarovski crystals .How beautiful this ceramic tea-set looks below with carefully placed simple swarovski accents ? I learnt the same at the event.

This was how my bag  turned out. The trendy Rose gold crystals definitely put up a  artful sparkle on my bag. I am always impressed when someone carries a great bag, and now I feel I can pull a great LBD look with just this bag itself. Its like a perfect piece of jewellery I never wore.

Being duped into buying fake Swarovski is not a mistake you wanna commit . The surest way to be authentic  is to look for the Swarovski seal created using high security hologram in silver foil, which bears the words "Crystals From Swarovski " together with Daniel Swarovski's signature, and the mark since 1985. Every seal has a unique identification number at the bottom of the seal.
When in doubt always ask questions and  for the tag, and feel free to investigate before buying.

So this was it. A day spent at Swarovski India Office. Let me know how do u like my new studded bag in the comments below.

  1. I love Swarovski... and those delicious snacks:)

  2. wow, it is so cool. Great pictures :-)

  3. I love this post dear! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  4. Beautiful post, really interesting...thx for sharing!

  5. Hi dear
    Great post, love Swarovski
    And your shirt is so nice

  6. This looked like a lot of fun!! What a wonderful event :) xx

  7. Awwww Swavorski are so cute. Good idea ;)