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Luxury Fashion Event- Delhi Duty Free Presents Scents n Sensibility with Mr.Vir Sanghvi at Pullman Hotel,India

Wednesday 26 March 2014 / , , , , , ,

Every Delhite sure does know the way to bag some great savings and I cannot pretend not to have squirreled away with the "Oh how cute this perfume bottle looks" and gave in to the impulse for my own nefarious use, which I  precariously admitted to Mr. Vir Sanghvi on a recent session about Sense and Sensibilities where we learnt a bit more about scents and how we could all enhance our perfume buying experience. 
The event took place at PullmanHotel, M.g Road, gurgaon and was organized by team Blogmint
With me duty free shopping is always a Plural ! Piles and Piles of perfumes, endless cosmetic and Plethora of chocolates comes back with me. Don't believe me here ? Check my Insta page, and figure out my perfumes obsession ..The recent ones been bought from Delhi duty free, just two weeks back.
The session was Indulgent and we discovered some wider links between scents and fashion, Gyaan I would have never got otherwise, Like how did Chanel No5 got its name ? Well there is a fun fable behind it. Seemingly when Russian Perfumer Beaux sent out a few samples for the Parisian designer Coco Chanel , it was the 5th bottle that caught her attention, n so it was named Chanel No5  . Ahhhmusingg.
The best part about duty free fragrance shopping is that you are not sprung into making hasty on the spot decisions, coz time is always in plenty. Mr. Sanghvi suggests that we should never go fobbing off  perfumes on the bits of cards since its not the same thing at all as being able to apply it on skin. Rather sniff it and try it instead on the skin, roam around a bit , do some shopping ,and come back in a bit and decide whether you want to spring for a full bottle or not. Tip noted :)
After a brief discussion and the much gained enlightenment there was a line up of  Q n A .I didn't mind to point out the fact that duty free is not on the dot to stock some 20 ml-ers , which are quite handy for travel and are still a source of excitement for perfume lovers like me . Though I would love a mini but it is also true that I won't buy a bottle for myself because I have a mini. But then, that's also because I don't love the scent enough. 
My question about fancy looking perfume bottles , got Mr. Vir a bit amused. I couldn't believe him when he disclosed that the cost of perfume is just about 20% of the totals. Rest all goes into conning women like me(hides face).
Soon after that, we all grabed a drink at i-kandy , the poolside bar, which nearly looked extravagant in Florescent lighting,and made up for a perfect outdoor space to mingle, and chit chat and answer some Jiffy  questions and win some cool goodies, to which I miserably failed at.
later we were all escorted for a quick makeover at the Salon . Just incase you didn't know,anyone traveling can take advantage of a free make-over by some of the experts at Delhi duty free. Jeetu, from DDFSteam (missed taking his pic) was extremely talented, and knew all his make-up like a master, and willingly offered handy tips and techniques to apply makeup. This  pro of a gentleman advised to always apply a mascara with  eyes shut, for better results. So next time you are around the airport, don't hesitate to get a complimentary makeover done in between your flights and ask for Jeetu or Heena. 
The three course dinner served at La Riviera Restaurant was exceptionally good, and the salads were Ultimate in Presentation. I didn't dare to take a second helping after i saw a steward  setting the asparagus in the dressing, with much detail n precision . It was a good idea to leave it just there, and let others enjoy the beauty.I quickly ordered a Fettuccine Basil Pasta , and skipped the Dessert, coz I got too involved into sorting out the confusion going on with the cab driver.Though it all ended well, and I reached home safely. 
Have you ever shopped at Delhi duty free? Sound off in the comments. And ya , don't forget to follow them on facebook.