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More shells and Embroidery - Tales from Bhujodi

Tuesday, 4 July 2017 / , , , ,

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There were more shells and patchwork panels on display as there are stars in the sky . After having leisurely strolls and being so enthusiastic about a town which I googled before leaving for my travel to Kutch and Bhuj, I was looking forward to be blown away.  Not only did I confirm my seat on the plane, I mentally rather booked my fashion seat at a village which is known for handicrafts . 
Bhujodi is the major textile center of Kutch with more than 1200 inhabitants involved in textile handicraft production. 
Our trip was planned in a way that our first stop was Kutch , and Bhujodi was on the itinerary merely as a pit stop on our way to Mandvi Beach . I had a chance of meeting local artisans during my stay at Rann of Kutch and small weavers and local designers who travelled all the way from the village of textiles( Bhujodi) had set up their small shops at the desert camp. I wanted to get each and every piece I saw there, but held onto my horses as much as my hubby held onto his wallet.
It was a very hot day in Bhujodi town. The sun was too strong but the gush of excitement for a shopping spree I was about to experience didn't let me feel a thing.
There I was in for a surprise. I met weavers, tie- dye experts, jewellery designers ,small time artists , block printers and who not . Most of them welcomed me to their homes and even let me watch them as they worked around. 
I saw a lady sewing these shells to this blouse in one of the houses. I randomly walked in . Intrigued by the colour I started walking towards her to inspect closely on this piece of clothing she was working on. "Abhi Poora Nahin Hua hai " - Its half finished  she said. 
A close inspection and my heart was set on this blouse and I told her that I had one hour in the village and I really wanted this piece . Her eyes beamed with flurry of excitement and we set a price for this beauty . 
The sleeves needed to be stitched , the shells were half strung and her elder daughter announced a lunch break as she carelessly slipped the plate in front of her . We started chatting and with a quick nod , the daughter was instructed to take the food away and bring it later.
 I explained her about my role as an influencer . I told her that I use fashion as a means to express ideas , and how my style of dressing imbued meaning and I use clothes and dressing up as a tool and commitment to the idea of supporting Indian weaving industry. But if they are not used where everyone can see them, can they really have an impact ? Throwing this question at her, I left the conversation there and left the rest to her imagination. She got a fair idea when I showed her my instagram page . 
I told her that I loved being there and how seeing the whole family work into making some unique garments I concluded that there are more to clothes than just clothes. After looking at the way every weaver functions in a small village like Bhujodi, I framed clothing as a collection of values, diversity, creativity and entrepreneurship .
It was then I realised living in a city like Delhi where fashion is fast and consuming, I reflected my distance with the industry. Tipping them with the amount which was double the price she asked for was the least I could do. 
This whole experience taught me one thing  -there is so much beauty and local talent available in our country too, and sometimes that whole feeling of gratification comes when you have a close encounter with the maker of something you instantly have a connection with.
I drafted this post because a lot of you were keen to find out the details of this outfit. I wanted to share the sentiment behind this look and this is my only medium, so here you guys , a few pictures of the same. 
If you have had a similar experience, you know what I am talking about ;)

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indian fashion week street style , vogue, elle street style
indian fashion week street style , vogue, elle street style
indian fashion week street style , vogue, elle street style
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Famous Indian Embroidery Styles: Chikankari, Zardosi & Kantha
Blouse/Bag- Bhujodi
Pants - Label TFF (which is my own btw )
Heels - Forever 21
Sunglasses- On instagram )

  1. Gorgeous styling! I love your sunnies. :)