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The Do’s and Don’ts of a Juice Diet

Friday 9 June 2017 /

To be honest, juice detoxing and cleansing have become too mainstream. They have become such a rage that you may feel left behind if you have not tried it yet. Also, you may assume that you can quickly get started with the diet following the same pattern as your friends.However, the truth is, the diet is unique for everyone and calls for some planning and preparation. Yeah, you read it right! So, if you are under preparation to take the much-hyped juice diet, you must find well in advance what would work for you and what wouldn’t, to reap maximum benefits out of it. So, before you start, you need to own a juicer and put it to beneficial use and adopt healthy habits.

Here are 5 do’s and don’ts of a juice diet. Prepare yourself for some surprises ahead!
Don’t Do It Because Everyone Else Is
Some people will do things because others are doing too! The idea of going on a strict diet can spark thoughts of horror in their mind, so instead, they start juicing. It is a healthy habit, but it is only natural for people to feel restlessness, moodiness, and fatigue who are on a juice diet for the first time.So, before you go about it in full swing, test yourself first for three or five days and see how your body reacts to it.
Do Use a Juice Diet to Reform Your Eating Habits
Juicing allows you step up and improve your vitality. By adopting a juice diet, one readily detoxifies themselves, and it helps them switch to healthier food habits later. It is also a brilliant way to cut down on cravings for sweet and fatty food. Bring home a juicer and go on a juice diet if you want to adopt healthy eating habits. Make sure your juice has a variety of different fruits and vegetables. Cold Pressed Juicer from KENT retains not only natural and original taste but also every nutrient from your produce which makes the juice healthy and tasty.

Don’t Work Out if you are ONLY on a Juice Diet
Never hit the gym or work out when you are refraining from solid foods. Merely being on a juice diet will surely detox you, but it will not provide you strength to lift weights. A juice diet is an incredible way to detox and ends those erratic eating habits. It will reboot your metabolism and give you a fresh start. Doing both, juicing and working out can leave you feeling dizzy and nauseous.
Do Research and Talk to your Dietician
There is no doubt juicing can detoxify, and is good for overall cleansing. However, it is imperative to consult a dietician before actually going on a juice diet by yourself. You need to understand if juicing is suited for your body. Any sharp break from can seriously affect the physiology of your body. The aim is to do your research and then see a dietician.
Don’t Rely on Juicing to Heal any Serious Illness
Juicing does not cure any serious diseases, and it is important not to get fooled by a fad or misconceptions. If you have any serious illness in your digestive system, then juicing alone won’t help. See a doctor and never try to do a self-diagnosis.
Do Eat Supplements
Juicing alone will not provide all essential nutrients. Supplement your juice diet with dry fruits to get vital nutrients.
Don’t Over Do It
No two people are same, and if your friend was on a juice diet for a fortnight that does not mean it is suited for you too. The entire process of juicing depends on your state of health. The best practice is to take small steps before diving in and torturing yourself.
Now that you are aware of the do’s and don’ts of a juice diet and how to go about the right way by taking the right path to get started, we wish you all the best!
Have a happy, healthy life!