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How to Create a Successful YouTube Video

Monday 6 November 2017 /

Have you always dreamed of launching your own YouTube channel, but have lacked the confidence to do so? Well, it might be time to take the plunge. To help you attract viewers in their droves, find out how to create a successful YouTube video.

Develop Your Brand
People like brands, and while you may not have a product or service to sell, your personality is what people will ‘buy’ into. Use a YouTube channel art creator to create bespoke banners and artwork to help you develop your brand and build trust in the quality of your videos.

As a result, your videos will be instantly recognizable to your audience and they will be encouraged to click play and subscribe to your channel. Ensure that your choice of images, text and tone of voice accurately reflect your brand, whilst incorporating a complementary color scheme that is synonymous with your image.

Express Your Personality
300 hours of video are uploaded onto YouTube every minute, so you can trust you will be competing against many channels. Yet, with more than one billion videos watched per day, there is nothing stopping you from taking a slice of the pie.
To succeed online, you need to establish a unique tone of voice and personality, as this is what can separate you from your video rivals. So, what sets your channel apart from your competitors? Is it your stylish edge, forward-thinking approach, or funny jokes? The more relatable and memorable your video, the more likely a viewer will share it and become a subscriber.

Summarize the Video
You might know what your video is about, but your audience won’t. If they don’t understand its purpose within the first ten seconds, you can trust they will move on to the next video that captures their attention. So, aim to provide a quick and simple introduction at the start of your YouTube video, explaining what it is about and how it will benefit their life. It could be all it takes to hook a viewer in.

Add Value
If you want to pull your audience away from dancing cats, you will need to add value into your YouTube videos. Before you create a video, try to identify how it will add value to their lives. For instance, does it help them resolve a problem? Will they feel uplifted by a heartwarming story? Will it help them to improve their daily lives?
The more value you provide in a video, the more likely a viewer will watch it from start to finish. They will also be more likely to share it with their friends, become a subscriber and engage with your future videos, which will allow you to grow a loyal following. So, if you have uploaded videos that fail to engage, watch them once again to see how much value it provides to a viewer.

Promote Your Video
Once you have created a high-quality video that’s worthy of going viral, your next option should be to promote it. Don’t upload it and wait for viewers to click on your link. Encourage visibility in its
search engine by incorporating the right keywords and hashtags into the description and tags. You should also promote the channel on your website (if you have one) and across various social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.