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5 Reasons it is important to hire a guide when trekking in Bhutan

Friday 8 September 2017 /

Are you looking for a new place to hike while exploring unfamiliar cultures and enjoying wonderful sceneries? If you are, then Bhutan should be the perfect travel destination for your kind of adventure! Bhutan is a small country perched on the southern flank of the Lower Himalayas and is landlocked by the autonomous region of Tibet, in China, to the north and by India to the south. Bhutan is the last remaining Buddhist kingdom in the world and it was only during the 1970s when the hermit nation opened itself up to the rest of the world. Driven by their value of happiness as an important part of nation building, Bhutan continually ranks as one of the happiest places in all of Asia while boasting one of the fastest growing GDP growth rates in the world.

Some of the things that you should consider when planning for your trip in Bhutan is to choose the best travel agency and to hire the best tour guides for the hike. With their complete set of standard hiking gears and equipment as well as their fully-trained and highly-experienced crew, Kandoo Adventures should be one of the priority options as your travel companion in Bhutan. They also offer different packages and routes on Bhutan treks - Amazing treks in Bhutan with Kandoo range from short and relatively easy Druk Path trek for beginners and the more challenging Snowman trek for advanced hikers. Regardless of which route you choose, it is highly recommended for you to get a highly-experienced hiking guide. Learn more about the 5 reasons it is important to hire a guide when trekking in Bhutan.

1. Safety and Security

Getting an experienced tour guide will always make you feel safe and assured that you are hiking on appropriate routes. You can have a peace of mind that your team will not get lost nor will become exposed to threats such as avalanche and unstable portions of the Himalayan terrain.

2. Explore New Places

Another advantage of hiring a guide is that you can explore new places that most of the other tourists will never experience when visiting Bhutan. Besides going to shrines, passes, forts, and shopping districts, tour guides can also suggest exciting side activities such as mountain paragliding, cycling, bird watching, rafting, and kayaking.

3. Learn New Things

Hiring a guide will make you feel closer to the heart of Bhutan. They can teach you the proper etiquette and behavior while inside temples and other religious sites. You can also know more about the unique flora and fauna of Bhutan and some upcoming festivals near the area.

4. Secure Permits

A guide can help you secure the necessary permits for the hike. They can inform you about the required documents and the total amount of fees beforehand so that you can just enjoy the hike without any hassle.

5. Book Accommodations

Finally, a guide can tailor the trip according to your preferences. They can also assist you in booking accommodations in the nearest camps, lodges, and guesthouses especially during the peak seasons when most of them are full. Since they know the area well, they can also suggest cheap yet high-quality accommodation services and great restaurants to visit.