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World Interiors Day with Asian Paints and Shruti Gupte

Tuesday 31 May 2016 / , ,

Cinemas is having its little moment right now and we have all seen movie-sets that are to die for. No wonder whenever inspiration calls its the movies that become the first source that inspires and diagrams our homes as well. It ,may or may not be directly proportional (that's some maths ) but studies show that films trigger ideas for our home interiors.
It was #worldInteriorsday on 28th May. Honestly I didn't know we have a whole day for the interiors until I was invited by Asian paints Signature store at Connaught place Delhi for an exclusive master workshop hosted by renowned Film production designer- Shruti Gupte where she talked about how we could bring inspirational home decor ideas from silver screen to your home, which was apparently the theme for the whole evening.

Shruti is the person behind some of the amazing movie sets that we have seen in a few Bollywood movies like - Aisha, Taare Zameen par, lunchbox, Khoobsoorat etc.
Being a lover of everything trendy, I immediately resonated with bollywood movies Aisha and Khoobsoorat and how these two films left me blown with a spectacular drama through the inspirational sets they created in the movies that I could never forget .

It started with Shruti showing us a few stills from her movies , and briefly describing how the character of the room defines who stays in it. For eg. in the movie Taare Zamin Par, they had to show a middle class family and a believable set. Even the clutter coming from the obvious take on young boys living in the house looked pretty. The little things were added that could influence us without ever being noticed. For eg. when the movie was released the trend was to have a statement coloured wall and rest everything around was kept plain . Also feng shui plants were getting more popularity back then , and how they imprinted the Psyche of an ordinary family, hence were placed around the house to make us think or feel a particular way.

Shruti says- "It's essential to use a of of desaturated colours in a set. This way there would always be more without anything popping too much "

Another fun fact which she revealed about the sets of Aisha was the use of 48 shades of colours in the movie sets  from olive green  to pink.The movie had some major scenes depicting the houses.
The houses shown in the movie were approached by Shruti with a Pragmatic thought. They had to be reflective of the main character of the movie (Sonam kapoor ) . For the movie an old colonial house was landscaped and gardens were manicured both before and in the movie stills. The whole idea was to show that the house was lived in and it's been taken care of. I think that's why the home in the movie felt like a home should feel.  It was classy and lavish . Antique cookware was shown in stills which was reflective of inherited collectibles and families richness .
Have a look at the still from the movie :

Similarly talking about the sets of the movie Khoobsoorat, Shruti explains that how it was challenging for her and her team to show a Royal,Regal and a believable home. The film was shot in Bikaner. The movie characters were broken down and mood boards were created and colours and motifs were assigned to the movie characters. For eg.the character of  Nirmala Devi was shown as a tasteful woman, who was hard from the outside and soft from inside, and Sonam Kapoor being a misfit in the family with far from refined taste. Shruti used four different greens in the movie and broke them all down so that no-one could know the difference. She created textures with gold on wall so that with yellow light it could create a luxe balance. Every single thing in the movie was planned with detail. That's why for most part of the movie I wished that I was adopted in the family. I think the message of  having a family and togetherness were rightly  spoken through the medium of  an extravagant set, love and emotion was balanced with the right placements of furniture and wall motifs.

All in all I think the movie made me a fan of vintage furniture that even looked great as accent pieces

The whole idea of the workshop was to learn the knack of capturing the feeling of a movie set in our houses. "If the movie takes inspiration from our reality then why shouldn't we allow those reel-ties become our reality ? " says Shruti . It's all about branding. Then be it our homes and personal or professional spaces, we want people visiting us to make impressionable judgements . Do you want to create a house which is worth every viewing minute ? So how do we do it ?  How do we implement these lessons from bollywood into our homes and create a home which looks straight out of a movie set ?
That's where Asian Paints colour store come into the picture.From sharing insights on how to choose the right colour to offering first hand experience through interesting DIY activities, Asian Paints colour stores have always encouraged consumers to dig deeper and explore ideas which are new. With this fast moving information age there is so much to access or hard to keep up or trust if we like something this year what if we are convinced to dislike it next year, and that's where Asian paints colour store in CP helps us all to walk that line through various events and activities.
Through the medium of past expertise of being empowering people to inspire and rethink their spaces Asian paints stores have already added style and beauty to the homes of many .I left the store soaked in great knowledge and a zest to challenge the norm and with a shaken up creative side . After attending the workshop I feel that there is so much more my home could offer me and I never thought I could personalize so many ideas from my my existing space itself.
Go ahead transform your homes , spurr some inspiration and let Asian paints Colour stores come and rescue you.
To find out more about these workshops/ events- Get in touch with The Asian Paints Colour store in Connaught Place , Delhi  and get into some serious mood-boarding.

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