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Review : Medimix Ayurvedic Hygiene Intimate Wash

Thursday 5 May 2016 / ,

Intimate areas need gentle care , even gentler than our face. Being clean, and feeling clean is important for every woman and that's where intimate washes come in the picture. If you have been ignoring feminine hygiene products , and have been doing good with shower gels and soaps , its about time you know more about them .  I have been using hygiene wash since a really long time. Usually swayed by what's new in the market and also what's popular.
Lately I was introduced to Medimix Ayurvedic Female Intimate Hygiene wash,and that's what I am going to talk about in today's post .
We all know how mostly all  Ayurveda products are safe , and have been formulated with proven herbs right ? We can say the same for this product also.
But before that , let's take a look into as to why we should be using a hygiene wash for ?

  • There are three chemicals present in the vagina -Glycogen, good bacteria and lactic acid. Maintaining a healthy ph balance between the three is important, as we don't want any fungal infections especially in the heat and humid months. Intimate wash are gynaecologists recommended to keep the Ph balance proper and to protect the vagina from all sorts of infections.
  • They help in decreasing the vaginal discharges . Medimix Ayurvedic Hygiene wash restores the lost/ideal Ph levels but also inhibits bacterial growth.

As per the label, this is the world's first intimate wash, formulated using the expertise of Cholayil, and rich secrets of ancient Kerala Ayurveda.
The choicest ingredients included are -
Lime, Rosemary, neem, Sage, Aloe, Thyme, vetiver, Bisabolol.
What will you find in Medimix Ayurvedic Hygiene wash

  • Chemical free , SLS free, Soap Free, Parabaen free, Nitrosamine free - We are entering into an organic world, where the first thing I look for at any drug store product is how much paraben it is sending into my body ?I have been using a lot of sls and paraben free products lately, so why not for the intimate regions. My first criteria of choosing any intimate wash is that it should be totally chemical free. (Usually a lot of intimate washes are soap free only) Any chemical preservative can cause serious illness and itchiness and this one totally gratified this criteria. 
  • Contains lactic acid- A very few of the intimate washes that actually contains lactic acid, encouraging natural vaginal acidity and discouraging inflammation and itching . I could make that out in the first wash.  The natural PH level of female's private part is around 5. Medimix Ayurvedic Hygiene wash confirms to a ph level of 3.5-4.5 ( as mentioned on the product info) which supports and intact acid mantle of genital mocous lining.You would notice that instantly in the first wash.
  • Has mild baby care product Surfactant - Which ensures that it's not only dermatologically and gynaecologically tested, but also provides for a smooth wash. The baby care formula is gentle ,particularly safe for sensitive skin. 
How It feels -
  • Cleanses without making the intimate region dry and irritated.
  • Gel like texture. Aloe vera soothes, and has a gentle and calming effect . 
  • No discomfort, rather get rid of any itchiness in just two washes.
  • Mildly scented, and removes any foul/unpleasant odour from the region.
  • Very strong anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties, helps to stay fresh and clean for 5-6 hours. Provides optimum lubrication.
  • Minimizes dryness of the region and has moisturizing properties.  Also great for that time of the month.
  • I have a super allergic condition. Proved safe and hypoallergenic for extreme condition in my case.
Other properties-
  • Comes in liquid form, but is little bit concentrated.
  • 100ml packaging, good size for travel (price- INR -150)
  • Affordable and easily available online as well as mostly at all the drugstores.
How to use - 
  • Press the bottle and gather a few drops on the palm.
  • Apply and lather on intimate areas and then rinse off with water.
Do give it a try, as it performed exceptionally well for me, and did exactly as what was mentioned on the bottle .
You can Buy Medimix Ayurvedic Female Intimate Hygiene wash online here