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5 Shorts And Skirts to have made a Comeback

Friday 15 May 2015 /

Fashion is Cyclical .It recycles old trends and resurfaces into modern versions. Which is why one should never throw away its old. For most of us nostalgia controls the culture, which our designers without even the blink of an eyelid, gives and shapes of re-main-streaming , and we all adapt it, without blinking an eyelid too.

Today lets take a look back on the styles of the past , particularly the skirts and shorts styles which are having a moment in the sun right now. Since these styles have fully returned back in a ceremonious manner,its safe to say that we have missed these fashion staples more than any legendary sitcom.
Here's what's back and trending.
  • Printed Shorts- Fashion in the 90s was generally loose fitting. Our T-shirts were big and our shorts were even bigger. Teens were digging through dad's boxes to get their hands on some authentic bigger size pants which they could taper with few folds an make it Bermuda length. That's how it got its name too. The style originated with the British Army for wear in tropical and desert climates . Come 2014 and Grandma called and she wanted her shorts back. The hem's length also makes it extremely versatile as the new summer trousers stretching to office to, dinner to parties and beaches in no time these shorts became the real conversation starters and easier to pull off than we all think. So whether its a bold printed short or a classic middleton , the point is these playful prints are coming out of the hiding. 
myntra shopping shorts
  • Maxi Skirt-  In the past, these skirts came with an elastic version. More trendy ones, had slits. But this season , we are  bringing on the volume with these  ultra girly diamond in the rough which  have been happily embraced by trend setters and fashionable celebrities alike. The most versatile and ladylike these maxi skirts in beautiful prints looks like beautiful explosions. Check out Monroe wearing an earthy number in the below picture and these summery skirts by  Belle-Fille Don't they just easily let you channel the perfect beach bum or a boho look ?
myntra online shopping maxi skirts

  • Pencil Skirts- Yes they have made a huge comeback from the fashion graveyard. Yet the style remains dazzling and hot as before.After the comeback- The designers experimented along lovely patterns and fabrics, which we could have said high street in our 90s. I am talking leather, brocade, timeless satins and crazy denim silhouette. Remember -"Baby One More Time " of bubblegum pop and Britney's Skirts which characterized this decade's style.
shop myntra black slit pencil skirts
Anita Ekberg and this identical version of pencil skirt by Kaaryah
  • High Waist Denim Shorts-Its official. High waisted everything is back in style. But today lets talk trendy denim vintage shorts.  This summers it doesn't hurt to add a little retro flair to your outfit.- Inspiration - Audrey Hepburn in her leggy looks and sassy styles. There is not a single reason to hate them. They hide the pooch, gives the waist a cinch and boost to the booty. Also since now they are back, let's forget the trouble of hiking your jeggings back over your hips , every time you stand up. And when I say Denim shorts are the new Jeggings, I literally mean they are the secret these summers to scoring chic.
audrey hepburn  high waist denim shorts on myntra
  • Floral Skirt- Women born in the 90s, if you ever thought that your time of wearing floral skirts is over,then its time to reclaim your closet. It is one trend that screams 1990's playtime resurgence. These floral skirts brought a new lease of life last A/w '14. They were everywhere, but a little softened albeit a less rowdier this time  .Its easy to rock this trend, think streamlined fit, updated accessories, and mixing modern pieces with retro ones . And if you dare - pair them with a boxier blouse for that demure addition.
shop myntra floral skirts online

Now that we have discussed the old shorts and skirt stories , and the trends of the past we grew up with, its not as bad to see them revive, and hit back in new embodiments. Well the good part is- We learnt from the best. Have a look at the latest :