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Top Wedding Dress Trends in 2014

Tuesday 7 January 2014 / , , , , , , , , ,

This new-year most of you are going to get married Isn't it ?? The trend says that every Bride must make an entrance that should leave people catching their breath and the groom should be mesmerized enough to remember that moment for the rest of life(mine still does OK ) 
One's wedding dress can make or break your day and hence we need lots of attention and patience while choosing the wedding dress.
The most important thing to pull off your dream look on your wedding is to make sure your wedding dress matches your body shape. It is easy to get bogged down by the huge range of collections but when you remove all the frills and laces it all boils down to just 5 basic styles of wedding dresses that surely are going to rock 2014. Yes the trendy styles to look out for  . Don't worry let me break it down for you !
·         A-Line or the Princess Wedding Dress: This is a sure favorite of all the brides. Can be usually worn by people of all body types. It can make a rounder lower body look slimmer and on the other hand it can also give the illusion of curves for petite women.

·         Empire Wedding Dress: Another strong contender for the most loved wedding dress of 2014 would be the empire wedding dress. This is a very forgiving dress and can help you hide your problem areas with elegance. Its raised waistline works magic for both small and large busted women and it is also ideal for people with pear shaped figures.

·         Column or Sheath Wedding Dress: Now this style should definitely be on the top list when you are considering buying one because of the flattering way it drapes and hugs your body. It is ideal for petite and lean brides. This can make you look taller and leggier.

·         Mermaid Wedding Dress: This style is not only sexy but contours everything dashingly. It comes in varying styles and can be tweaked to suit your body style. Since this is also body hugging, wear it only if you are confident and comfortable in it.

·         Ball gown Wedding Dress: No explanations !! Why ? because these are what fairy tales are made of. You know it is a happily ever after when you see the princess walking into the sunset in this wedding dress with her prince charming. Avoid this type of wedding dress if you have a small frame because it usually tends to overpower it.

With these styles from the top list of wedding dresses of 2014 you can tweak them here and there and make a statement of your own. Pair your wedding dress with a sash or a bolero jack or add your own design details in pearls, crystals or brocade. 
All these styles are  and many other bridal shopping websites too and in the wildest of widest range of collection that one can think of !! Happy Shopping BRIDES !!