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Time for a Home Makeover With Asian Paints Wood tech

Friday 11 March 2016 / , , ,

A makeover gets everyone excited. Big or small, young or old, kid and elders alike.The idea behind reviving and experiment with a makeover is to see ourselves in a way we wouldn't have imagined or have forgotten was there. In some cases the physical results may boost our self confidence which we would have lost along in the life's daily humdrums.
We can say the same about our homes, and the way we choose  to do our decor and buy furniture. Don't we all love breathing freshness onto our walls with a fresh coat of paint, or for that matter changing the upholstery every now and then ? The little pleasures from buying a quirky cushion cover to a table runner, we, house ladies never get tired of  our little experiments that bring us Joy. Don't we ?

Me and my husband moved into our present home about 10  years ago. A big house demanded that we set ourselves into updating and choosing the right furniture which is not only practical but enhances the look and feel of our place too.
Each and every piece in my household is closely curated , has my own personal touch, bought with love and defines itself as unique,quaint and slightly reflective of my fashion sensibilities and experiments.
I bought a bookshelf which I loved so much ,and allows me to express my individual efforts and taste. Having a classic design I thought it could yield flexible for its multi purpose use , and I was excited to do much more with it than only stack books and decoratives. Obviously I also wanted it to look a little better than the rest of the pieces I bought alongside.
It was an impulse buy back then. The shelf had a modernly appeal, at the same time, the simple yet sophisticated design was ideal to create a good balance in the room.
Sadly things didn't work out the way I wanted , and the mental measurements which I had in mind while buying my Statement Piece of furniture, fell a little short of the real picture and the space where it had to go.
I had no choice , but to move it to my study which is now my work space at home.  The entire study is painted light Red, and I have a complementing , Yellow ,White and Beige chairs and tables updated to match the theme of the room.
After that failed impulse experiment of mine and with a lovely wall piece, which I was left with, I had to somehow do justice with my statement piece. I always wished for it to go on that red wall , and hoped that I could somehow magically turn my statement piece from Dark Mahogany to white or yellow so that it could blend with the whole theme of my room. Earlier last year I finally moved it on the red wall, but the color of the wall was more overpowering than the shelf. 
They say that every furniture tells a story. But mine couldn't tell any.
Voila,then I came across Asian Paints Signature store in Connaught place New Delhi, where I was introduced to  an innovative concept to change the way our furniture looks. So much so, that you could be spoilt for a choice and get lost in the sea of colours.
With Asian paints Woodtech Studio ,not only now we can change the wood color of our furniture but can also play around with the kind of finish we want. I feel its a very innovative step especially for a country like India, where furniture is always burdened with the weight of sentiments, especially if it's passed to you as a wedding gift by our loved ones.
I wanted my statement furniture to represent Luxe, and the new  Emporio Palette colors from Asian paints were pretty instrumental in putting an end to all the guesswork. The level of colors are brilliant, and if you ever imagined a colour in your dreams, chances are you may find it with them.
The Woodtech PU palette offers 150 fabulous shades, in gloss finish with stain resistant properties ready to be played with . Works on interiors and exteriors alike, lending a unique versatility ,grace and sheen to our loved wooden hoardings.
Asian Paints recent collaboration with Renner Italia, called RAL K7 classic, brings international expertise which can lend effortlessly a look with level of details and colours so expansive that I bet our furniture would nothing less than Moveable art.
Don't believe my words ? Heres' a stroke of Asian Paints Woodtech Wood magic , on my statement piece . It now effortlessly blends with the rest of my furniture, and keeps me to create a polished space, without being too stuffy and overpowering.
Bless me Mama-In-law from Heavens above, as I am going to do a complete makeover of my entire furniture from my wedding.Don't worry , you are going to love the new look too.