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Street Style AIFWSS17 With Fossil Q Marshal and Gucci Dionysus Bag

Monday 14 November 2016 / , , ,

Fossil Q Founder Touchscreen Stainless Steel Smartwatch - Fossil

Some people are born a watch person while some develop an appreciation for it over a few years. Just like Wine !! You may or may not like it the first time, but gradually deep down inside it's becoming a syndrome.  We have all seen those timepieces , some fancy, some vintage and some eclectic..
Your trip through a watch is probably my trip through a watch and we all do the same things with it.
But things changed a bit when I got my hands on the Fossil Q Marshal.
I attended the official launch of it on 5th October where I saw Fossil group launching a range of connected devices across 6 of its owned and licensed brands.
Today we are talking about my new acquired Fossil Q watch , and how its definitely telling me more than time .
Look and Feel : With a soft curving multi finish case, and interchangeable genuine leather straps,the watch is nothing less than a normcore from style perspective . 
With a great density of design , it surely fits the bill of a watch collecting nerd and doesn't sit too heavy either on the wrists. The Q Marshal features a rugged case, along with a striking navy blue plated case, paired with vintage inspired leather case. A nice sporty watch like look perfect for summers 😼

Anytime Anywhere information : With Q Marshal , even if I want to get lost , I couldn't possibly, because it provides me with a uncomplicated way to navigate once I have connected it to my phone and it takes only seconds to do that .The touch screen feature, makes sure that all my alerts are right at the tip of my finger, ready to be scrolled up and down. From whats app, to voice calls alerts to processing any virtual information on the go , this marshal makes sure that I don't miss any real time update. 

The Screen with many Faces : Okay so this feature has to be my favourite one. The watch comes equipped with not only cool and funky screens options, but has a face for your mood of the day. Besides the custom face , a few more can be downloaded right from the Android Wear app. Since I wore the watch for all the five days of AIFWSS17 last month, I was more than happy to customise a face of the day coordinating with my look of the day. This changing the face part, definitely raised the bar of intuitiveness for the fashion week street style snappers coz a) Its elegant functionality and bright ( Mr. Bean ) display popped some eyeballs and b) It kinda blended with my all denim patches sober with a hint of fun look for the day and the outfit I wore on Day 3 .
Of all the other mandatory fashion week things /list, I don't know if anyone ever included being handsfree as a pointer in the list  ? Doubt it ? Well me too . This watch let me perform all sorts of tasks, without even reaching for my iphone. A clear winner when you need your hands free !!

Track my Steps : Often I am able to charm my friends ,when I just raise my wrist and track my daily  morning jog with them. In this age of touch screens , we all want that uncomplicated device to track all my activity while I am plugged to the music , and when my feet are in motion.

Price and Final Verdict : Fossil Q Marshal is priced at INR 22,000 in India . The Marshal is fun, with the only flip side of getting familiarize with it in the beginning. It helps me streamline my minute to minute notifications, coz I am a very social person incase you don't follow how active I am everywhere .
Its affordable watch for those who want to read texts every minute . The battery life is pretty decent- upto 8-10 hrs again depends on the usage, and is well sized for small wrists. The straps are interchangeable , and from fancy to being sophisticated , you can decide what's your mood of the day and  how do you want to dress up ! Now the only question remains is :
Is it essential ? No ..... Do I need it - Yes - Because I like being able to read my mails , check my message notifications, social alerts voice command it ,rather than having my smartphone in hand all the time.

I wore this outfit for Day 3 of AIFWSS17 . Deep in my quirky antiquity , this pair of denim, freshly picked from a random but funky store at People's Square, Shanghai took all my money . It was back there behind those fancier designer label things . My husband saw it first , and showed it to me . The first thought that struck me was - Can I wear it to my grave ? Okay that was an overwhelming response, for starters lets wear it to a more appreciative place ,where together with my Gucci Dionysus bag, I can Glamorously traumatize a few people .
I was lucky to get the Bee edition on my Gucci Dionysus,socially suited to my Instagram handle and most importantly meaning sense to my name  !! 
So what do you say ? Do I get your approval of strict good taste in fashion yet ?  

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Street Style 2016 - Street Fashion Photos, Inspiration, and Looks , aifwss17 street style
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GUCCI dionysus Bag for Women
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GUCCI dionysus Bag for Women  bee bag gucci
Street Style 2016 - Street Fashion Photos, Inspiration, and Looks ...
Street Style 2016 - Street Fashion Photos, Inspiration, and Looks , platforms creepers, aifwss17
Shirt - Zara
Jeans- Shanghai Peoples Street
Shoes- Zaful
Bag- Gucci Dionysus 
Watch - Fossil ( Available at all Fossil Stores )
Hair and Makeup Partners - My Glamm , Lajpat Nagar
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    The coolest thing ever.
    N u look so rad!


  6. Wow bee, you're killing the style game, girl. I love how quirky and fun this outfit is, especially those pants! And the shoes are perfect too. Oh and your hair, so shiny, omg. I need to know your secret, hehe :D That fossil watch is so chic! :D xoxo

    Shanaz | Reverie Sanctuary

  7. Wow, amazing Fossil watch !
    Love your style !


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  51. Your jeans are so much fun here! Beautiful post as always dear! Thank you a lot for your last comment on my blog - I appreciate that you support the fact that I support fair fashion and sustainable brands. I wonder; living in India, so much closer to the garment factories compared to me, who is living in Germany, how do you feel about the working conditions in the garment factories and about the whole topic of fast and cheap fashion? I do not mean to critizice you in any way, asking this! I love your blog for years already and I think we "know" each other long enough to ask this kind of question :D if not, just do not answer and I am fine with it :)

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    Rosa Larissa Klara

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  54. ever since cell phones came along watches almost felt useless to me. but lately with all the technology in watches and how pretty they look, I am falling in love with them all over again!

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  61. First of all I had no clue you´ve posted this! How could I miss it? I saw those Fossil watches when i decided to get a smartwatch. Again, like you said, though it´s not necessary, I felt like i needed it. My reasons were not only the busy social calendar but also - and most o f all - the fact that i am the least down to earth person. I forget everything, I can´t seem to keep track of my events and worst than that, most days I have no idea what day it actually is. I wanted something square shaped so I went for the Asus ZenWatch 2. About your outfit... you know i LOVE those patched jeans and great choice to pair them with those wedges. That Gucci is a dream and totally matches with you.. Have a wonderful day and you on insta <3

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