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Easy DIY Bedroom Makeover Hacks - Inspired By Beautiful Homes

Wednesday 30 November 2016 / , , ,

We just passed a good festival season when not only the leaves become slightly Red, also our homes are cleaned, ransacked , primed and retouched .
Its a tradition, or at least an unwritten law in India , to wait for the appropriate time of the year to get the things fixed . Before Internet or My space came into being, painting of the house /whitewashing was the only customary term associated with Diwali renovations. But in today's time renovation is a whole new game and thank god for internet, this time my imagination was running pretty wild, when I had the sudden urge to make small changes in my bedroom - not very massive or overtly expensive , but I wanted a lot of existing things like light fixtures, to wall hangings to move and make place for the new and "TRENDY STUFF "(snaps fingers **) to enter which would eventually help me create more space in my bedroom. There was a lot of work for me to do and  I needed a second opinion on everything .

Since I am quite nosy about pretty details, cute designs and have a creative bone , I wanted someone who could just enter my life and second me on everything, but at the same time also put their ideas on the table.
Then I Came across Beautiful homes, a website and a one stop online portal for inspiring homes, home decor, DIY ideas and what not . Browsing through the website not only gave me some amazing home shopping recommendations, but also got my imagination running pretty wild, and ideas with imaginative decor were born, and I think now it's so easy to breathe new life into my current bedroom with tips and pointers which are practical and inexpensive. And since I was not keen on changing the interior of the whole house, I stick to choose a few DIY ideas from the website beautiful homes that would also help complement my existing furniture and interior style.

Here are a few DIY ideas which you can also add /implement to enhance the look and feel and make your Homes Beautiful.

Indoor Plants : Plants lift the mood of the space immediately and plants in bedroom do not require high maintenance too. Start storing waste bottles, to incorporate a few creepers, trimmed and pruned.
Either go for mugs or small jars or plain white mugs which can be hung upside down ( hanging garden style)
If your bedroom walls are white, recycled Cola bottles can be painted and small natural or artificial plants could be kept near the bedside table . The other option is to get some twine and rope and add small Bonsais to create a wall of Bonsai  !! I think I am going for the hanging garden style, it's a little different and unseen .

DIY Switch Plate- Framing switch boards can cost thousands , and I have seen a few available at the lighting market. They come in textured/plated /wooden , you name it and they have a finish to match your bedroom. Now this idea cannot be restricted to bedroom only rather your whole house can get a lift with a simple hack. I saw a similar idea on beautiful homes, but here is my own twist to it.
Buy a few photo frames from the stationary/ toy shop. These days it's easy to get the ceramic frames too and they look ultra pretty . To know the size of your switch board, I suggest taking the board with you when you go shopping,this way you get to hold the frame against the plate to measure the size.
The next step is to spray paint them with either white or  or find a paint contrasting your main wall. Viola, your new jazzy switch board is ready .

Bedroom Decor with Mason Jars/ Earthen Pots-  Remember those Grandmas Jam / Pickle Jars ? - How many times we have put our hands right inside the big ( Achaar Ka Martbaan ) and always got a beating ? Yes that. Well here's what I Plan to do . Buy a set of Three Jars-  Large , Medium and Small and put it on my window ledge with Christmas tree plantations. Festive season is around the corner, and I would love to decorate it with candies, confettis and Christmas ornaments and  make my own Christmas tree base which is really different and one of a kind.

Throw over that Quilt - On the wall - Always wanted that Feature wall , but your rented home doesn't allow you the budget to go for one ? Its common sense to not invest in painting the walls in textures especially when you don't know when you are about to move out.
Wallpapers and Decals are other options, but an inexpensive alternate would be to just throw over a graphic quilt on any plain wall . It creates a great focal point, and nothing needs to be changed majorly in your room. We already have a feature wall in all our rooms, and I am going to try this DIY at my folks home, which badly needs a decent makeover.

So you see, adding style to your home and decorating it can be this easy, fast and free . Thanks Beautiful Homes for letting me access all the tips and creative ideas , inspired by your website, which I can easily incorporate in my bedroom to bring its own personality .
The website covers great info and How To to personalise your space, and is worth checking out . So take the DIY challenge , Be Creative and give your brain a great workout .
Happy D-I-Y.