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5-straight from the runway saree styles that you can use in real life for work! (Without spending money

Monday 26 November 2018 /

Fashion shows sure do bring a twinkle in the eyes! After all, who doesn’t want to stay updated on the
current trends and happenings? We all take them with a bag of salt understanding how difficult is to
adapt them to real life. The unusual exposure, slits and exaggerated statement fabrics that seem
impossible to imbibe when you are rushing to catch the metro with half of the sandwich coming out of your mouth or just one eyeliner in place. However, it is all about to change as we bring you the office wear sarees  and real life saree trends fresh off the fashion ramp that can find a presence in your day-to-day sartorial vocab!

The saree with a white shirt
Takes a wardrobe’s must-have staple for a spin! Let the saree blouse take a hike as you wear your
contemporary saree with a crisp white shirt. Give this combination a party look by unbuttoning and tying the knot to show off your midriff! Perfect for the times when you don’t have time to change after work.

The saree with a kurta
Worried about the skin show at work? Don’t fret as you can always wear the saree with a kurta that gives you control over the exposure.


The saree with a summer jacket
If your office’s ambience is pretty cool and has casual vibes, it is a pretty cool idea to sport the saree with a crop top or summer jacket for the extra touch of cool! Take the jacket out if you are heading directly to aparty after the office! A total win-win for both work and off-work milieu!

The saree with sneakers
Heels surely are pretty commonplace at work more than you think! But what more mere mortals who
can’t rock a five-inch heel all day long? Or people who need to rush from a meeting to another? In that case, you wear your good old pair of sneakers with the saree! Comfort and style- all rolled into one and made easy!

The saree with a boyfriend blazer
A blazer is the part of official attire. In fact, in some corporate houses, you need to have a blazer as part of the weekday attire. So, does that mean you can’t wear a saree? Well, Kareena Kapoor is here to teach you some corporate saree 101! Both her attitude and boss lady looks are a killer! Accentuate your look with smoky eyes, nude makeup and minimal jewellery.

So, ladies- now you not only can stay sartorially relevant but also make the most out of your sarees, with props that are readily available in your wardrobe! Don’t wait and get rolling! Don’t let your saree be a cliché, give it a hint of androgyny or an elaborate twist of accessories! Be it a traditional style or contemporary, silk or cotton- make the quintessential saree work for you- whether you are at office or leisure!