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AIFWSS18 - Indian Fashion Designers | Samant Chauhan,Anita Dongre and Rajesh Pratap Singh

Thursday 29 November 2018 /

Samant Chauhan Asymmetric cuts and Nomad Bags

Yet, again a mesmerizing collection based on the theme "Silk route " he made us realize what is the importance of a comfortable wear for a traveller.
The styles of people travelling from one place to another is easily influenced by the tradition.The collection had a unique feature of adaptability, and his signature cuts and delicate embroidery stole our heart. It also brought back quaint memories of the dutch era, by the choice of hair braids and layered pleats.
Also shown were big larger than life duffle bags and backpacks. The craftsmanship and each an every detail was impeccable. This time there were pleasing to the eyes variant in colours other than earlier whites and beiges .

Anita  Dongre Grassroots -
Trends noticed - Print on print 
Anitas' collection drew inspiration from nature and its various elements, and how again and again its important to voice our concern for a sustainable environment at the same time not seeking to settle our  sartorial choices . The collection themed " Earth Song"There saw an elegant mixing of prints, pro layering techniques, and elegant shift dresses and skirts.Jackets over printed dresses had a slight print detailing on the collars too without being over the top. The fabric was luxe, transitional and breathable. Have a look ;)

Rajesh Pratap Singh - Trending Metallics
Rajesh Pratap Singh's Ode to Metallics was huge .Inspired by the "Utopian land of a town, which apparently turned everything gold" gave us gold flashes . As a result Everything that shone on the ramp that day was gold for the first time. The golden power suits, culottes  with golden tops paired with whites were great and pretty futuristic too.The occasional dashes of gold with an all white outfit are just perfect to set the bling-o -meter up for the day as well. The metallic seperates , jackets, golden shift dresses , were not only intense, but they also brought iridescent fabric in the limelight. The shiny textures, sure did set up the metallic standard high and shone bright like sunlight on the ramp. Its exciting to see these garments bringing a fresh sense of opulence to our colourful summers, with easy to adapt styles that would catch anyones fancy.