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Top Activities For Your Instagram Feed

Wednesday 25 April 2018 /

If you love social media, and sharing the news and activities that you have been up to recently, then you will already be a firm fan of Instagram. The beauty of this social media channel is that it suits any budding photographer, whether you are a seasoned fashionista, a sports fan or even love sharing snaps that you have taken while spending time with your friends and family. Any lover of Instagram is always on the lookout for new activities and destinations that are worthy of being shared on the app, so if you are looking to build your feed, then try some of these ideas out to boost your followers.

Famous destinations

If you are planning your next trip and are not sure where to go, then choose a destination that is worthy of being shared and liked on your Instagram account. If you are looking to have a range of moments that make your followers intrigued and impressed, then be sure to consider visiting a famous place to help your likes go upwards. Remember you can also use Instagram’s filters to add a new look to your photos, making even an average photo look like a work of art. While you may also want to consider using various pictures in one post, to tell more of a story for your followers. Make the most of the tricks that Instagram has to offer, and you will gain more followers and create a seriously enviable feed.

Hidden Surprises

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Now you can add videos and short clips to your Instagram stories, then be sure to choose activities that provide lots of hidden surprises and make sure that your followers want to keep up to date with any activities that you have recently enjoyed. You could consider visiting an amusement park to get your thrills. While locations such as Escape Room Cincinnati will see you try to test your wits and skills against the clock, perfect for an exciting post on your feed. You could also consider posting a trip to your favourite restaurant to try a new menu, a trip to a petting zoo – because animals always get more hits, or even share snaps from a fashion show if you are lucky to get backstage passes. Remember, the more interesting images that you can share, and if your post is full of exciting surprises, then you may see the number of likes that you obtain increase.

If you love your social media and are trying to raise your profile, then you do not need to be an expert photographer to make a difference to your followers and feed. Consider visiting famous destinations when you next go away and make sure that you post regular updates to your Instagram Stories. Finally, make sure that you include some hidden surprises along the way so that your followers feel like they are there experiencing everything with you. Keep it fresh, fun and unusual, and you will soon be using social media as a total boss.