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Review : Asus Zenfone2 Laser | Best Smartphone in budget

Monday 11 January 2016 / , , , ,

I have been blogging for a fair bit now, and as a fashion blogger, it is very important for me to take great photos always, and for this purpose exactly you must all agree that having a handy phone with a good camera with perfect resolution and added features is all I would ever want to keep the blogging journey on.
Asus Zenfone 2 ,launched many variants just last year (major focus on the camera functions ) I had covered the whole event Here.

I have never been a user of Android , and was already looking for a spare phone in a  budget range in this segment. Totally wowed by the price, it's a great phone to invest in your money today especially if you are a blogger. I love posting random entries on Instagram , snippets from what I wore to what I am eating and for a camera phone Asus Zenfone2 laser takes great photos.
The phone has a 13mp autofocus rear camera with a dual tone LED Flash  and a 5MP  front camera. The best part about the phone is (as the name says ) it comes with a laser assisted autofocus which helps take sharper focus on the subject.

What I like most about Asus Zenfone 2Laser 

The Camera Speed - The camera speed is real  quick and as Asus claims of its zero shutter lag capability,  Yes it sure does live up to that !!

Shutter At the Back - The  key like shutter at the rear of the phone , enables to take an anti shake image by letting me press from the index finger. So no more shaken images.
The design also works as a volume key .

The Best Selfie editing features - You  can literally go bonkers exploring the photo enhancing and filter accessing capabilities this phone has. No more third party apps to do the work for you. I always wanted a phone to come with built in photo editing features , filters, beauty mode, etc for selfie enhancements and this grants me everything. Plus the selfie angle is approx 140 degree, and  I love how we can adjust the colour tones of the selfie in the camera itself.

Manual Mode - This is the feature I love the most. Pretty much what we find in dslr's . Checked a few images in this mode .The aperture gets as low as f-2.0 and offers a great depth of field too for sharper focusing. Also has autofocus (so don't worry if u are just aiming at point and shoot option )

Selfie mode :Besides the manual setting mode, what I love most is the selfie settings parameters .
There is a beautification mode,  selfie video in slo motion mode, time lapse , and GIF animation. Never seen so many features of smartphone camera placed in this budget offering.

Low Light Mode -  The best low light  smartphone in this price range . The photos are comparably brighter than any other device. Also has a Super HDR mode - which captures images with improved colour contrasts. 

Burst mode pics and a quick shutter speed which allows to capture moving images-  It lets me click  about 100 pics in one frame after giving it a long press.

Automatic Face detection/ Smart removal features  - Its easy to now set how many faces the rear camera should detect , and then a sound indicates when the camera has found the faces, and clicked a pic. Best used when there is a need for flash, so you can choose the best photos. 
The phone also has smart removal feature , which removes the moving objects/noise from the images by letting you take minimum 5 shots , and then pick one which is the coolest .

Today I sprinkled in some fun snaps taken from my new Asus Zenfone 2 laser. I am totally thrilled with my overall experience of this phone, which is basically its camera usage. Trust me that's the only user experience I have for all my other phones too.
Final Verdict - Must Possess for all the Selfie Lovers.