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Beginners Guide to Make-Up Essentials | Beauty

Monday 28 September 2015 /

It's been a long overdue of makeup posts, and this one makes up for it for the lack of so many.Starting with basics, I would continue sharing some insights on the products that are my favourites and have been using continuously.
So here goes :)
They say there is nothing as amazing as natural beauty, and they would be absolutely right! The natural beauty that a woman displays on a daily basis cannot be rivaled, but it can be enhanced with the line of  few cosmetic products which can easily shop. If you are new to the concept of makeup however, knowing what you need to keep in your bag can be a bit harrowing. In fact, you might be seeking some help—which is precisely why I  have put together this brief list of makeup essentials for beginners. What do you need in your bag?

There are both liquid and powder foundations, but the most common today is going to be liquid, and it is far easier to apply. This will set the tone for your face, and that means it is very important that you find one that matches your own skin, or at least get as close as possible. Remember: if someone compliments you on your foundation, you are doing it wrong.

Translucent Powder
Where foundation sets the tone, translucent powder will begin to cover the blemishes on your face. Unsightly scars and moles can be easily covered up with translucent powder, but once again, it is critical you find one that matches your skin tone. If you choose a powder that is too dark, it will appear as if you have a sunburn, or at least a darker complexion which will not properly match the rest of your body. Choose carefully, and know that sometimes it is best to simply use baby powder if you have a very light skin tone.

Contouring Powder
This is much like a translucent powder but it comes in far more shades, and it is intended to help you shape the look of your face into virtually anything you want. There are many who will simply stick with translucent powder rather than making the leap to contour, but if you have blemishes or facial hair that translucent powder simply cannot seem to cover, then this is the obvious route to take. Just remember to find instructions on contouring so that you can achieve the maximum result for your face. Remember, everyone is different and will need a slightly different technique – that’s just the way it is.

Eye Shadow
Most eye shadow comes in a palette so that you can make use of blending. It is important to remember that darker eyelids generally seem to be larger, and larger is better as one of the keys to making a face look more feminine is to make the features appear closer together. It’s not just color – it’s an illusion that you need to maintain. The most complex palettes will have about eight colors to choose from while some of the simpler ones will have three to choose from. Generally, the colors will complement one another, giving you plenty of blending opportunities.

This is the one that everyone likes, but it is also the most important, believe it or not. When you choose a lipstick, you need to take the color into account, just as with any other type of makeup, but, in this case, it is really just a personal preference. You also need to consider the size of your lips as well as the tone you want to set. For example if you have smaller lips and need to make them appear larger, thicker, volumizing lipstick will be more to your liking. Thinner lip stains will last longer, but they will not have even close to the same effect. You may also consider dry lipsticks which can be sealed with a protective layer, ensuring it will last for eight or more hours. If you need your lips to have a wet appearance, then you can always top this off with a clear lip gloss which will last all day. There are a million tricks that you can consider when using lipstick – just make sure you pick the right one. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

The last thing that we will mention is the makeup sponge. These come in large packs, and can be used to apply foundation. Some people use their fingers to apply foundation, however this tends to cause interference of skin oils, etc. Makeup should always be applied to a clean face, and if possible, use a cleansing cream before you attempt the application. Once you have this down, you can use your makeup sponge to blend your foundation across your face for maximum coverage.

These are just a few of the makeup basics and you will undoubtedly pick up more as time goes by. Keep learning and keep experimenting – the tricks you can pull off with your makeup are endless, as you will quickly find out. Remember, it all starts with a layer of foundation!
If you are looking to start with makeup , start selecting from these basics, and then work your way towards adding more variants . To kickstart, you can look at L’Oreal Products from Nykaa . I still swear by their  prices and unmatched finish .
Let me know if u have any specific make up related query, and I would be glad to help you out.