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Take AwaY Food Trend N World Cup

Sunday 22 March 2015 /

With the world Cup fever, and a month long homage to this game not to forget , friends crashing up at home to re-visit couches is a common thing, till the last ball is hit. What hits me equally is the week long preparations for the crash day , when its my time to host the watch game at home  and deciding on the menu.
It has been a culture since so many years, an nothing changed much over since this time. Only thing that I learnt  is a lil bit of technology and  made my life easy , Thanks to the humongous options of takeaway food in delhi with great deals n tempting offers. Economic Times confirmed this, n if u haven't been aware of the special menu on takeaway food delivery in Delhi, then u are missing some fun stuff. With every joint bidding to cater to the humongous orders of delivery, the competition had just only started.
Cashing in on the fact that matches run into wee hours, a lot of favourite joints e.g Pizza express, Captain Grub, Night shifts, etc have world cup specific offerings to make food even more enticing. 
With prizes n lucky draws, n these n unveiling of promotions centred on these matches, India witness a new trend in the way we want food.
 Its a unique communal experience though now not unheard of, and consumption plays a key role in this. Talk about gourmet world cuisine, or launch pad of  world cup which in turn has kicked off an appetite, and that area is well researched too. Matching the menu with world cup, introducing new flavours and matching new editions of power snack .
With weather turning its due course, Its a great initiation to catch up with friends over a tub of beer , and what better way to take in the WC than turf, while enjoying and spending quality time with folks.
If u ask me, I am not a great World Cup fan, but the food entices me , and for that I settle down on anything.
So What's ur idea of an Ideal match dates? U like customizing and pre-planning dinner parties like these or A Good take-away is ur kind of thing too ?