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Men Shoe Guide- Trendy Loafers

Friday 13 March 2015 /

Images via Pinterest

So all the men out there, let me solve the chronic puzzle for you, which for most would be quite simple to comprehend, and for those who can't there is a thin line difference between Moccasins n loafers. Yes, its human tendency to complicate the easy stuff, but if we don't do it, the fashion world would remain static n hence would never evolve.
Now since summers are here, and if you are harvesting tapered trousers (coz they are the should's this season ) then all you Meanyy moony men, u need a stylish pair of loafers to fool around in them, And if you haven't been paying attention, I urge you do so now.
Moccasins would come with laces while loafers don't. While the former is more adaptable for business , loafers can be more casual and should be worn without the socks . 

When to wear your Loafers 
A colorful pair of loafers not only adds to your style, looks smart, trendy and are acceptable for picnics , summer shoes and  casual evening outs.So next time you are trotting in any of these occasions, make sure you have already invested in a pair.
How To Team up Your Loafers
The right way to pair a loafer is if you bare some ankle. If you are wearing shorts , then say No to socks. 
For the fall season Invest in light shades of socks, and roll your skinny pants just a lil bit. If you waana go the funky, feel free to sport some outrageous pair of socks n let contrast be the glory of the outfit.
Best Color Investments 
Indian men stick to the blacks n browns. But since this style of shoe is more casual, lets reflect that in the colors. Since these revolutionize the way we look at chic footwear , lets reflect that idea into some chic color display which we might have not thought about. Bring in those green n camel n pinks and pastels n showoff the suave sense in fashion. Even some add on features like studs, spikes, tassels and for the love of all things Louboutins , these stylish pair of men shoes jumps out uncommon and make your style extraordinary .