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Saturday 31 March 2012 /

 Talking about trends, I am so into Monochrome's that i just couldn't get over it for quite some time now. It is one such trend which keeps coming back year after year because of the safest choice for both men and women. Maximum glamor ⇴minimal effort = Monochrome.

Monochrome is easy for creating a fairly effortless travel wardrobe, and it can be given the lift of the moment with a bright accessory .Black and white was one of the chicest combinations the fashion world had ever seen. For spring Mono chroming in lighter hues for those who had enough of the black and whites (penguin Palette) is a good idea.Just Add a bright accessory with an array of bangles, shoes, belts, handbags and other pieces of jewelery  to the outfit and you are ready to rock !

Here are my two different looks, in which i went all monochrome, but added a bright color to break the monotony.The Look 1 was taken a long time back and i had no clue that i would be using them for the blog.

For a more Rocker or rugged look, I would love to pair this jacket in Look 2 with Skinny jeans and leggings.  And the best part You don't need to be in twenties to carry this look. I imagine this look is good on all ages.All we need here is ATTITUDE and we have a killer style !

But on the other hand  if you want to reveal the feminine side of you, the key would be the power of contrast.Pairing this jacket with a chic floral dress and a pair of a stylish boots, is perfect if you are going for lunches or day parties.

Look 1- Wearing: Graphic t-shirt dress- Alano Singapore,Stockings- Gk. Clutch- Nine west also seen  here, Boots- Wings
Look 2- Printed tee- Gifted, Motorcycle jacket- Puma,  linen three quarters- Janpath, Red flips- Tashi by Titan, Clutch- Flea market Hongkong, Assorted accessories, Stone Necklace-Jaipur.

No wonder , adding a bright color to any simple outfit gives an edgy look ! While the first look is  all party, the second one was during a casual evening stroll, just spotted a nice location and we were ready to click.
This is all for now.................Keep smiling ☺
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