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Wella Professionals Care for your Hair | Review Dry Shampoo | Root Mousse | BB lotion

Tuesday 2 August 2016 / , , , ,

wella professionals dry shamppo mousse, bb lotion

Its monsoons and I need a miracle product to get out of that frizz. Will you believe me if I tell you, that my hair looks like Broccoli in monsoons and out of those beautiful Instagram photos which you see of my hair, there is a labour intensive work and endless hair products dumped on my head to tune those fancy pics.
I am always up for testing whats new in the haircare section than any other department, not even fashion that much , and Wella professionals just sent me a few stuff from their new launches and I couldn't be more than happy to put everything to test. Today's post talks about all the 3 products so lets get straight to the reviews.

DRY Me - Dry Shampoo- Nothing new to the world of dry shampoos , and a girl cannot have enough of this. I have used dry shampoos before ,usually to give a break to my hair from too much washing. I used this product two days after washing my hair and it was super easy to apply.This product immediately gave me a clean look and feel ,with the benefits of a second day hair too. After applying you normally have to brush it out several times( not only this one but all the dry shampoos ) I am not sure about brushing alongside ,but I can't work on the application properly if I haven't got the brush and dry shampoo mixed together many times. Maybe its my hair texture.
I have a busy life, and for a person who styles her hair at the blink of an eye , this product is amazing. With a quick burst of this , directly on my head , I can style my hair in any particular way I want. The scent is fabulous ( you may use it as a body spray if u smell awful (kidding). The fragrance doesn't get on my nerves too. Its very light and very fresh ,and not fake like many other hair-styling products which smell typically strong and alike. I would probably have to look for excuses not to wash my hair just that I could use this one .
The only thing I have to say though that if you have darker hair , be careful not to spray too much as it leaves a little residue , which eventually disappears in minutes after brushing. Also I feel like this product doesn't need build up , so all in all worth checking out .
Priced at INR-900 for 180 ml.
Overall Rating: 4.5/5
wella professionals dry shamppo mousse, bb lotion

Root Shoot - Precision Root Mousse - A styling mousse comes in where you want to give serious volume to your hair and say bye bye to limp, lank and lifeless roots. The trick is to brush through your hair while blow drying. Also try using a round brush for effective styling. If you don't brush it and work the mousse really well into your hair , you would not get the result you want. I love this one by Wella, coz it provides just the right amount of body and lift. Another thing I noticed was that it didn't leave any residue on the styling tool unlike other products. Also great to layer with other products . Don't be scared of how this makes the roots stand up / clump for a second , since all the root lifting products tend to do the same, but the Pro of using this root shoot is that it gives a better lift than most of the coveted brands I have used. It smells great and now that I have told you the exact way to style using this one , it should not be a problem to get you started .
Since my hair is already good textured and there is no scarcity of volume, I made my friend with absolute flat hair try this too. It gave her a decent volume which she had always been eager to get.
Also I loved the way I could instantly style my hair into a neat bun with a little bit of tease.
My hair is thick ( also dry coz colouring) and there is no scarcity of volume. It feels amazing to use it, especially when my hair needs to be styled maximum in this stupid monsoon climate.
How to use- Dispense a golf ball sized amount of mousse into your hands , and work it up through damp hair from roots to end. Blow dry for added lift always.
Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Price- INR 900 for 200 ml
wella professionals dry shamppo mousse, bb lotion

Wella Perfect Me - Lightweight BB Lotion - At first a little surprised coz I never heard of a BB lotion for hair. I may be a little ignorant in this department, but trust me sometimes ignorance can be bliss, since you get to test the waters with an open and exploring mind rather than some pre-conceived theories.

So this is like the mother of all the products, and I seriously loved it the most because the BB lotion came to me at the most opportune time when I ran out of my smoothing serum. What I discovered instead was intriguing . Its like a mini miracle for 5 in 1 hair perfections. It works as a primer ( in the language of skin ), a  moisturiser etc and has a very invigorating aroma, particularly flowery scent . It's very lightweight with silky smooth application , has thick consistency and does not leave any oily residue and totally delivers on its promise to give hair a healthy and shiny feel as mentioned on the bottle. Also works perfectly great on my coloured hair and makes the colour appear bright because of the shine it lends. It immediately gave my dull hair a brilliant instant shine and it tamed the frizz drastically. Say about 90 percent . And what should I say about the fly-away ?? all tucked back magically and how , well at least for quite a few hours until I got wet in the rain.
It provides heat protection, so no need to use additional heat protection, rather invest in this. For me one less product on my hair is a blessing and could have not been more than happy and excited for the BB lotion. Its worked as a great humidity resistant and my hair felt light . Finally after trying a lot of products that costs the earth, I think I can finally settle for this one. If they stop making this I don't know what I would do.
Price- INR 900 for 100ml
Overall Rating: 5/5
wella professionals dry shamppo mousse, bb lotion

I think its the best time at least where my hair is concerned to test all the hair care releases in this humid weather.

You actually know what a product claims and what it does instead and I am so happy that Wella Professionals introduced me to the new range at the time I needed them the most and was open to try out a few things than my regulars.
Buy again? 100%
Where to buy? All Wella Professional Studios ,Online and leading salons.