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Things To Do In China, Shopping | Foshan | Guangzhou | Shanghai . OOTD- CHINA STREET STYLE

Friday 19 August 2016 / , , , , , , , , , , ,

Bringing the back with a bang look. If you missed me then you probably know I was in China, and if you didn't then maybe I am in danger for overestimating your interest in my blog.
Just so you know , my summers were more inherently summery than yours , more Disney oriented, and more Chinese food driven.
That's why I am back here to delicately start a conversation on what you should do in China . After squeezing in about about three cities - Foshan, Guangzhou and Shanghai in my 12 day itinerary, and attracting a diverse blend of Chinese with our street style shoots, I am here to share a little  tour diary of things you should do in China. 
I got a couple of few Insta stories ( which was a new Instagram feature added just a day before I left which also saved me the hassle of taking photos within one minute of arriving giving me much photo posting clarity. Blessed !!!! 
The best feeling was the great feedback given by those on the receiving end of those founts of stories, and interest in my travel, which encouraged me to hack into VPN and enable Instagram coz every other world social platform is barred in China.
While a lot of you may feel that I am biting on the fresh figs of life, which actually I was, but came with a lot of walking and a big big language barrier. 
Our landing port was Guangzhou, and  it took us an hour drive to check in at Foshan. 
Just so you know, Foshan is a veritable destination and worldwide hub for furniture, lights and for everything your home needs. 
Visited the Chimelong water park, (Asia's No3 , )which was a waste for a non adventurous person like me, especially when those thrilling water rides scare me to death.
Nevertheless its a heaven for kids, and my daughter had a Ball and she made our money back with freqyent display of excitement.
I wore a simple cotton  dress with lace trims by Stalk Buy Love, and my cone bag and the  Floral sandals from Sammydress Clothing  being the highlight of the day were praised by many as I ventured outside our Hotel Fortuna ,to shoot some street style. 
Must recommended place to stay, as the food is crazy and if you are a Vegetarian like me, you won't be starved.
The minute we started shooting, it looked like everyone needed my attention, as around 20 people took out their phones and started recording the terrific stuff we do in India(take street photos ). This ice cream cone bag caught the fancy of everyone , which arrived in 7 days (super quick delivery ) from the website . Despite being the centre of attraction at approx 9 A.M, I also did weird things on special request, for e.g posing to eat the ice-cream.
Language was no barrier then as sign language and friendly laughs ruled and after a dozen Chinese got what they wanted and took my exclusive expressions home, I am now wondering ,if they ruined my groove at my expense ??
Coming back to Foshan, the lighting city and a few shopping malls at Zhongshan are a must visit if you are shopping for home/ interiors. 
Leaving you all with truck load of pics. 
Next up is things to do in Shanghai and a lot of shopping finds.
Ciao xx

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hotel fortuna foshan, five star hotels in foshan
Checking In at Hotel Fortuna Foshan
what to shop in china, cheap chinese shopping
Rainy Day Rides - Easy Breezy -Wish we could do rainy rides like this in India too except that the Breezy is going to blow away the top and we will be left wheezy
what to shop in china, cheap chinese shopping
In India we spend a fortune to see the regal and antique furniture in the bygone era of Forts and Palaces(like earlier shared a few images from  PachewarGarh Fort) but it is very much in vogue in China
what to shop in china, cheap chinese shopping
If you blurr the licence plates and the dreamy eyed people from these photographs, even the secondary cities of China resemble any American or European City  

what to shop in china, cheap chinese shopping
The New Mall at Zhong Shan ,the lighting City of China, has a mesmerising digital screen as the entire roof top which keeps on changing the scenery every 10 minutes . Keep a paracetamol ready if you a braveheart to view all the changing hues
what to shop in china, cheap chinese shopping
Yeah ! you guessed it right. They customise the furniture as per your dress code so that after a long walk, you not only sink in the sofa but become invisible too :)
what to shop in china, cheap chinese shopping  shanghai disneyland
Chinese Disneyland ?? No don't worry it's DisneyLand in China,Shanghai.Relax and enjoy till eternity.
what to shop in china, cheap chinese shopping
Enter for a magical experience - Disneyland Shanghai

what to shop in china, cheap chinese shopping , shanghai disneyland
Tombs of  the Dragon Emperor (The Mummy) ?pasted on the ceiling.

what to shop in china, cheap chinese shopping
Chinese Right Angle( The Dreamy Eye Syndrome)
what to shop in china, cheap chinese shopping  chimelong water park
Preparing to go inside the water tunnel at Chimelong Water park 
what to shop in china, cheap chinese shopping chimelong water park
This artificial beach is everything 
what to shop in china, cheap chinese shopping , hotel fortuna foshan
Thank god Chinese don't have their own Monalisa
vegetarian chinese food in china, how to find vegetarian chinese food in china
ootd china shanghai what to shop in china, cheap chinese shopping
This staircase where we took photos nos 1899008@76
Dress- Stalk Buy Love
Ice-Cream Cone bag - Sammydress
Heels -Sammy dress
Sliders- Hill Road Mumbai
Sunnies- Local store Foshan
Choker- Handmade
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  18. Questa estate niente di programmato, si deciderà all'ultimissimo minuto.... speriamo di partire!
    Saint Tropez non sarebbe affatto male ;)...

  19. Questa estate niente di programmato, si deciderà all'ultimissimo minuto.... speriamo di partire!
    Saint Tropez non sarebbe affatto male ;)...

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    Thanks a lot for your last sweet comment! Sending much love!
    Rosa Larissa Klara
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