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Being Fit

Thursday 3 May 2012 / , , ,

"Don't give up what you want most for what you want now, YOU are who you choose to be ! Follow these lines sincerely if you are on a weight loss regime. Since five years I resisted the urge to hit the snooze button and skipped out, And the result is right in front of you!  I don't know whether size zero exists or not, but size S and XS definitely does, and that's only a good workout away everyday ! And when they say STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY, it becomes a positively agreeable experience for me. As for me I start my mornings with Hard core Aerobics and floor workout followed by an evening walk for one hour& Ditching fast food for at least five days a weekThough it was easy for me to lose 25 kilos but the remaining 4 kilos is acting very stubborn on me..
I shall soon be posting some pics from my HAY days when i was overweight!

It was a girls day out on a sunny Sunday afternoon,and got clicked on the way! I just skipped my shades and instead wore  my yellow glasses, since I felt it added a little more freshness to the outfit!

Wearing: Shirt- Benetton, Tunic worn as a skirt,Bag- Elizabeth Arden,Flat shoes- Bangkok,Watch- Miss Jo, Neckpiece- Exibition,Bracelet- Janpath, Ring- Thrift store in Macau 
  1. awesome!! Following you on Bloglovin and GFC :)!! cute outfit :D:D

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! I love the skirt that you are wearing :)

  3. True, we are who we choose to be! And you are beautiful :)

  4. Greate outfit dear:) i love your shoes:) I follow you now,invite to me and I hope you follow back:)

  5. Nice flowery necklace you wore!
    The necklace looks cute..

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  6. love your outfit you look so nice

    & I love your blog
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    XO, Carmen

  7. adorable floral skirt :)

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  9. Thank you for your comment in my blog. Your look is lovely!!

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    Xoxo Flor.

  10. gorgeous outfit!
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  14. You look so stylish and loveble dear, thnx for your comment! :)
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  15. very cute skirt :) now following!


  16. Love the skirt - such a pretty pattern! And already following on GFC :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  17. what a pretty skirt =)

    and you look so adorable! =)

  18. wow surbhi u look fab in that outfit, loving the printed skirt and yellow glasses :)
    maybe we can follow each other

  19. Are you kidding me, 25 kilos OMG !! I am struggling for my 5 yet. ;p
    Anyways,nice outfit you look cute. New follower hope to see more fitness article.