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The Khakhi Love

Monday 23 April 2012 / ,

We are busy people. We are plugged in to phones and computers, and constantly on the move, and at times we forget the purpose of our quicksilver existence.We are frantic workers/ moms/ wives etc..even when we work against the very conditions that produce our franticness
 Today I got up feeling, that life is getting too fast and that we lack concentration. How i wish time to rewind and leave me the way i was in my teens. Yes ! I want to relive those days.. cherish my family and friends again, And for a few days i didn't want to be dominated by the internet and the touch screen the so called- apparatuses of our age.. (wishful thought but non applicable as of now)

 Now to the outfit- Just got ready for a formal exhibition and wanted to get clicked ! So delightfully handed over the camera to my daughter BUT was not really disappointed with the result..Except a few dark and hazy pictures she managed to do a good job(and even taught me some Bollywood style posing).
Khaki is my all-time favorite;And who says that only men carry khaki's well?It can be the smartest style investment even for Women! White blends well with Khaki,even light blue and light pinks are a good option. Pearl earrings, and a high pony was my idea to imitate corporate style dressing.

 Wearing: Shirt- Wills Lifestyle, Scarf- Westside, Khaki Pants- Tailored, Belt- Fastrack, Bag- Fendi, Bangle- Aldo,Blue Gladiators- Venus Steps,(worn Here)Lipcolor- Chambor- Orange plus(my recent buy).