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Savings made easy with

Wednesday 20 April 2016 / ,

Like so many great things in life, saving money is the new flavour. Money saved is money earned right ?
One day while browsing through various websites, I came across a pair of shoes that I loved, but the price was not in the comfort zone. I realized that the same brand and style was also available on other e-comm site. To make my search narrow and easy, I googled the name of the product, and landed on  - India's one of the top coupons website  !!

It struck me suddenly , that now I could buy the same pair of shoes at 50 percent off  from the same website by using the coupon code from shoppirate
I was a shopaholic in distress a few minutes before, but what followed later is a boon for ones who love to shop online every now and then.
Its official, that coupons and cashbacks are elusive and something that we just cannot resist .
I know you must be thinking - do these services really work ? Are we really able to save money ?
Is finding coupons the next big thing that change the way we shop ?
I started testing these coupons on Shop-Pirate thinking it would be a cakewalk, but what I discovered on the way was really interesting .
Read on to find all about it .

Coupons VS Cash back - Shoppirate lets you do both. Once you log in the interface of the website, either browse by category or Cashbacks.
I shop a lot from Bookmyshow and jabong and amazon be honest. It was surprising to see that now I could get a good sizeable cashback on any of the transactions.
Plus a few cashback brands like OYO offering  - 40% percent cash back on hotel bookings
Make my trip offers 5% off on train tickets
Paytm- 3% cashback on electricity bills
Jabong Online Shopping discount coupons - offers 20 percent off 
Paytm 5% cashback on water bills too 
There is a whole new world of cash back that I got introduced to which I thought never existed. Now who knew that we could get a cash back on the daily necessities like water and electricity ?

On the other hand there are tempting coupons available on some of my favorite brands which otherwise I would have never known existed .

Website Ease - The website has a very customer friendly touch too. There is a huge search bar right at the top, that lets you browse coupons for your favourite online website .
The filters are a great way to maneuver your experience too. Either filter by deals from individual banks ( use of card etc) or filter by discounts, cashbacks, sale etc.

Save Coupons and Favourite Store - Besides all this, if you want to keep a track of your favourite online store and also wants to keep yourself informed of what all coupons they keep on adding/updating , there is a tab which lets you add a list , and sync that with all your devices. Also there is a save your coupons option. This way you would never miss a coupon or pay a full price for something which you want so badly and also save some hard earned money on the side.
I have already used this website more than twice. I love the whole idea behind the coupons services, plus there is nothing to lose too.

Shoppirate is as effortless as can be for browsing great deals and once you start discovering the offers and cashbacks, working your way like a charm. It not only becomes efficient in finding you something you would have never imagined but also ways to get you instant discount.

Next time you are eyeing that dress on the online window, don't forget to  Log on to shoppirate and find the next best deal for yourself, and from the money you saved, a coffee sounds just the right idea..... What Say ?