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A Day in my Life with Asus ZenPad 7.0

Tuesday 12 April 2016 / , , , ,

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Those of us who love to travel light,and want to document each and every thing that happens around us, from food that is served on the table, to the fashion on street understand the need of small, pocket friendly (in literal sense ) and capable technology.
It's been over a month that I am using Asus Zenpad 7.0. It just lets me do everything I need to do to keep my blogging journey smooth and happening. I have been blogging on the move,  diving in and out of my blog posts , conveniently drafting posts without having to drag big and chunky laptop chargers.
 My Einstein blogging ideas(usually born in the loo) are instantly gratified on the Super Note app and I never miss any opportunity to redeem my talent only because I am jotting down everything on the Zenpad.

The simple, sleek and clean design adds sophistication, and is a winner for me especially when first impressions matter the most. 
The Cover glass is made of one piece corning gorilla glass (which is also totally shatter proof) acts as mirror like cover when the tab is not awake which I feel is a bonus for every fashionista because we all love our last minute lipstick touches don't we  ?
Home Audio Systems & Surround Sound

The audio cover of Asus Zen Pad fulfils my need for a compact music system which is just good enough or rather loud enough for my room to stream youtube videos . The 5.1 channel surround sound delivers optimum sound effects with 6 speakers lending upto 6 times the sound as compared to other tabs.

I don't sleep with any gadgets in my bedroom, but my day starts with grabbing my cup of tea and checking for any social media updates on the Asus ZenPad or if there are mails that need to be replied. I rather respond to everything first thing in the morning ,rather when I am less awake (I love my tab when the battery bar is 100 %) .
Slowly as the day progress, there is so much more to be done ,and there is hardly any time left for relaxed browsing .
Morning Essentials - My Cuppa Tea and Asus ZenPad 
Asus ZenPad C 7.0 - Full tablet specifications

I have a secret indulgence. And you may charge me guilty of watching youtube tutorials every now and then. From how to wash my face to how to straighten the hair, I watch it all on the Asus Zenpad.
Blame it on the cinematic sound output from the audio cover. Besides that every fashionable brain smart women needs a hands free device to try out different hairdos while streaming a live video and in front of a mirror that is. The audio cover which doubles up as a stand, is so convenient for me to perform instant styling hacks.
Asus blue light feature reduces eye fatigue and lends a very comfortable viewing experience while minimizing the blue light emissions without affecting other colours.
The ZenPad has a 178 degree angle viewing experience with a 7-8 inch screen display which is 10x times better than any other bulky tab or  even a smartphone.

Seamless Streaming of Beauty Tutorials
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For all the mothers, if you are worrying that your little one is not putting in enough hours of study each day , a tablet by our side, may solve the crisis. I try to make learning fun  for my little one and asus zen pad ensures  absolute engagement with the device.
Besides a few hours to try out different gaming apps, there is so much educational content that needs to be browsed, and modern technology such as tablets, with a perfect screen size are a great platform to develop their minds to analyze and study in a fun filled way.
When Learning becomes Fun
fashion and lifestyle blogger India
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Reading on the Zenpad is addictive 

I love reading books, and reading out stories, and we do that everyday on our Zen pad . Its an ideal combination of technology and learning , and helps me to describe facets from our everyday life too.
More and more of us are using our tablets for reading and downloading books, and I am so glad that we invested in the right device with the right size for the same.
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No more Chunky Laptop chargers and Blogging Woes
We all need a certain amount of talent and drive to draft and write blog posts , and I cannot deny/ignore the  convenience of tablet blogging . So whether I am couching on the sofa or vacationing on a beach , I am glad that I have invested in the right kind of  device and accessories at a fraction of a cost than a chunky laptop and computer. Yes, its safe to say the tablets have become a true threat to Laptops.
It's been a few months , that I have drifted from my laptop to tablet. From snapping a picture to editing pics on Instagram to various filter using apps all is being done on My Zenpad.
Blogging from the Asus Zenpad is nothing short of a breeze . The handy size fits in my sling and even adds to my chic and luxurious style statement.

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Its About Getting that right shot 
Yes, the picture below is the most thrilling part of every fashion/ lifestyle blogger's life. That rosy picture which you just saw on my snapchat or instagram, had me struggling with my Zenpad for quite a lot of minutes . Trying a lot of permutations, combinations and  photography angles for product shoots is a part of my everyday routine. I love creating great content,that's tailored for my audience then be it pictures or videos or text and that involves multi-tasking.  The struggle is On and it's real.
delhi fashion blogger, delhi style blogger
We Love our Selfie Moments
We love making the most out of our Zenpad. There is always room for some selfies and great moments in our daily life that we must capture. This is getting addictive , rather a way of life for me.

Hope you all liked some behind the scenes of what actually takes down to blogging and snippets from my everyday life. Behind those surreal clothes, and makeup, it's actually having the right kind of gadget helps me to streamline my day, instil harmony , order, and systemization in my everyday routine.
Don't really know what I'll do without my Asus ZenPad
fashion, food and lifestyle blogger india
  1. seems like u have a lot of fun

  2. OMG same here! I also get to think of a lot things while I'm in the loo. New blogging ideas, new campaigns for work, even new business ideas! LOL I've been contemplating lately if I should get a notebook or a tablet which I can bring anywhere so that it will be more convenient for me to blog anywhere and everywhere. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Zenpad. :)


  3. Yay! I've been wanting to try Asus Zenpad. Please always keep in touch, I would love to hear from you!

    Follow me @qingsstyle on Instagram and Twitter!

    Qing's Style

  4. Looks great! So much usage in one device ☺
    Nati xx

  5. Wow pretty! just loved your post :)

  6. OMG, amazing photos - if you want follow me and I will follow you back immediately. INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY 50$ CASH COUPON :)