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Review : Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator

Tuesday 29 December 2015 / , , , ,

Like every other girls, I have different days and moods for removing hair. I prefer waxing  and shaving ,but these moody cold weathers , makes me stay away from anything that is wet, and a water proof, body  hair removing method.
Yes I use dry mode Epilators for  those days . I had been a fan girl of epilators when I was in college , and Philips was the first brand I tried, and also since it was the first on the market. I had no reasons to regret it every since then.
After doing plenty of waxing and shaving, and endless laser I had totally given up on epilators. When Philips contacted me to check out their new Satinelle advanced epilator, I realized it only then that I have been literally out of this epilating business since so many years. and wanted to get back to what's new and what's changed after my first Philip's encounter. Purely out of a whim, but am glad that I tried this product too.

Wet Or Dry ?
Philips Satinelle claims that the epilator is totally waterproof and can be used both wet and dry .
Bingo. It sure does. I tried using it both wet and dry on my hands first and then slowly moved to my legs too. Though not much of a difference unless there is warm water which actually opens up the follicles which adds to the ease of removing hair, but I think I would prefer dry epilation during cold months and wet for the rest of the months. The only upside of using it dry is that I can see the hair in better light hence better control.
I didn't notice any significant pain while using the product, rather a ticklish feeling only. It sure is a fact that it caused 10 times less pain than what waxing does to me.Waxing leaves me red for a few days, while Philips satin smooth went smoothly without any snags.
My threshold of pain is not very high too, so would totally depend on what's your scale of tolerable pain levels  ? But from my experience, if you feel pain while epilating once, it surely gets diminished if you use the product for a longer time. I only used it twice as of now. But have epilated before so can say this for a fact. Also I used it on a lower setting and removing hair was a breeze with this.
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No More Ingrowns- Usually I spot the first signs of ingrowns within a week of removal. It's been two weeks and my skin feels softer till date. Since it has the ability to remove hair as short as 0.5mm, which means  No more ouchies and dry skin with this device so far. And my ingrowns have not appeared which makes me believe that they have actually disappeared from my life . Win !

Usage and Battery Life :
It is pretty easy to use especially because of its ergonomic grip, which lessens operator fatigue and has a comfortable hold too.The battery life is excellent( to be used when the charging is off )
Being not a picky epilator it handles even the smallest of hair which my first epilator at times missed, so definitely a better rechargeable version of Philips.
Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator,waxing vs epilators

My View : I have shared my shaving experience before. Not to compare this with that, but I did experience substantial smoothness on my arms and legs after using the epilator. Although I would prefer shaving when I have precisely two minutes to play with my body hair and get out of the bath, I would still give epilator perhaps a first preference, if am not in a hurr . Its getting addictive and leaves no visible signs of wear and tear, and no bumps and absolutely no discoloration. It's hundred percent hygienic too. I suggest rotating the device in the direction of some hair because all the hair that grows doesn not have a similar growing angle. The vibrator tweezing motion because of its uniquely designed epilation disc, works on every strand of hair and removes from the root (yes I could see the rootsies of my hair )
It comes with 3 attachments(refer pic) - 

I like the skin stretcher attachment the most. It holds my skin tight and firm,hence no pain and all gain.
Sensitive area cap designed for gentle strokes .
A Shaving attachment specially designed for bikini area, practically getting every part covered.Comes with a cleaning brush , hence easy to clean. I advise wiping the shaving heads with a sanitized tissue after every use.
Final verdict:
Philips Satin soft is a great alternative to waxing and other expensive hair removal methods. Priced at Rs.5995, though it may be a little high, but  think the value you are getting is worth the price over time, because it really works the way I want it too. Plus very comfortable in my hand too.
A great grooming tool for both men and women,and I am back to being happy and happily epilating with Philips.