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Summer Boho Dress Styles for 2017

Tuesday 31 January 2017 /

The summer of 2017 has been scorching hot for most parts of India. But despite the heat, summer will always be the symbol of warmth, vibrancy, and happiness. The longer days and great weather give us the opportunity to make the most out of our time, enjoy the outdoors as well as the company of our friends and loved ones. It might only be a few weeks before the season transitions into autumn, but it does not mean that we should be putting away our summer dresses for good. Take full advantage of the remaining days and wear the best designer outfits for this season.

Boho style, a slang for bohemian style, is a popular choice when it comes to summer fashion trends. Boho dresses are characterized as being flowy, and as a terrific canvas of vintage and artistic patterns. Combined with ethnic and tribal accessories, and light and natural-looking hair and makeup styles, these boho dresses can surely make every woman as gorgeous and feeling free-spirited as she can be.

Before discussing the best summer boho dress styles 2017, here are two important reminders worth taking note of. If you want to add accessories such as shiny jewelry, do not overdo it; unless of course if you are aiming for a gypsy look instead of a fresher and more radiant boho look. A couple of stone and vintage silver accessories is enough to do the trick.

Second, cardigans and hats may be matched with boho dresses. Hats provide an extra protection from the sun while cardigans give additional warmth, especially during summer nights when it is a bit colder.

Boho dresses have a lot of varieties. This gives you a wider range of options for the ideal dress that matches your preferences and overall look. For 2017, fashion experts predicted the rise of classic striped prints and sophisticated patterns which are both artsy and modern in terms of looks.

Speaking of boho dresses, flowy and sexy cuts of lightweight fabrics will always be a great choice for beach and everyday street fashion. Mesh and transparent varieties add boldness and elegance to the overall look. For night parties, music festivals, and formal occasions, you can try maxi gowns made from high-quality lightweight fabrics. Slouchy styles with lace inserts are the ideal designs for summer. Maxi gowns with spaghetti straps are also beautiful and elegant, especially with wide-brimmed hats.

If you want to look a little more different while keeping it simple and easy to style, then try a cape dress with a loose fitting. Match it with brown or black leather ankle boots for an extra glamor. Cable-knit cardigans matched with cropped tops made of lightweight and see-through fabric is also one of the most popular boho dress styles for summer 2017. Groovy fringed vests, as well as heavier studded tops, will also make waves in boho fashion trends this season. Maxi skirt is also a terrific staple for 2017.

Bohemian dresses surely bring a lot of spirit, elegance, and identity to your look. Experimenting with different combinations is what Gypsy summer fashion is all about.
So are you ready to dress to kill this summers ?